Star And Al Are Dunzo!


    Now the question is — who'll endorse her divorce?

    TV's Star Jones has been telling friends on the East End that her marriage is about to fade out, The Post's Braden Keil reports.

    "Reality has finally caught up with them," said a friend who requested anonymity.

    Her confession to her pals is something new. Jones, who was recently terminated from "The View," had previously been denying rumors that her 21-month marriage to Al Reynolds was on shaky ground.

    "She's heartbroken over the turn of events," said another pal.

    "She really wanted it to work, and she thought it just might work, but in the end, it just wasn't going to happen."

    Star earned the nickname "Bridezilla" by shamelessly plugging the freebies that stores and companies provided for her wedding.

    And right after the nuptials, on Nov. 13, 2004, Jones suddenly slimmed down in a suspiciously short period of time — apparently to please her husband.

    "Here she lost all that weight — and put her job on the line — in order to keep him," said one Hamptonite, as she bemoaned the fact that her friend lost not only Reynolds, but also her coveted slot on the ABC show.

    "Star has resigned herself to the fact that they're not going to spend the rest of their lives together."
  2. I am SHOCKED! NOT!:nuts:
  3. Not a shocker to me either!
  4. Not much of a surprise.
  5. :nuts: surprised Not!!
  6. Wow i'm really in deep shock. :supacool:
  7. The only thing I am shocked about is that she actually admitted it. I thought she would go to her grave married to him versus having to publicly admit it didn't work out after having been so outspoken on how wonderful and perfect her marriage is, etc... (and in her book!).
  8.'s a *****.
  9. Hope she can find happiness.
  10. Another Hollywood divorce :sad:
  11. quel suprise :rolleyes:

    i wonder if this means he's coming out of the closet soon?
  12. It's no surprise. She thought she was bigger than what she actually is. She acted sometimes as if she were Oprah! Sorry..I don't like Star at all.
  13. If it's true - I feel bad for both of them. Glad there are no kids involved with this one.
  14. I`m not a Star fan so I don`t really care. Sucks for her though.
  15. Me too!