Staple purses?

  1. Hola chicas. I am a college student that just recently discovered Coach. I want to start building a quality collection, and I am curious about what purses (colors, styles) are considered staples in your collection?

    I will be going on job interviews soon hopefully since I will be graduating in May. Thanks for any replies!
  2. Oh thank god! After that whole berry painted Carly I thought you were going to say you staple your coach to alter them! PHEW!:sweatdrop: O.K. sorry :back2topic:
  3. LOL!!:p That didn't even occur to me!
  4. Kimmie :roflmfao:
    I think a staple is a Carly!!!! :graucho:
  5. Definetely. And an ergo hobo:tup:
  6. I won't name specific bags because different things work for different people. However, I like to have a bag that looks nice with dressier outfits, a bag that matches everything, a bag that HOLDS everything and a bag that I can take out in the rain and not get too upset if it gets a bit beat up.

    If it helps, I have a large Carly, medium Ergo Hobo, Sig Stripe Tote, and medium Hamptons Carryall. I feel like my collection is really well-rounded and i'm pretty happy with it. The only thing I feel like i'm missing is an all-leather bag!
  7. My Coach staples are my black leather Ali and my b&w sig chelsea satchel.

    If you're going on job interviews I would steer clear of Coach signature and stay with something a little more conservative for interviews, unless you are interviewing in a very creative/fashion forward career path.

    welcome to Coach!!! woo hooooooooooo
  8. Thank you! I got my first Coach bag today in the mail off of e-bay. It is a Ergo scarf print, very nice but not exactly an everyday bag. I am thinking about a medium Carly and an Ali if I can decide on a color (either whiskey or black).
  9. That is a good point about the signature. Thank you!
  10. A nice good old fashioned leather Legacy!
  11. My daughter always makes staple purses!!:love:
  12. I think you need an ergo (hobo or tote), a carly and any kind of tote. I'm still searching for a carly.
  13. I think a black leather purse is a staple. I have a black leather carly.
    I also think ergos are a staple for out and about... especially the leather ergos. They are very soft and light weight.
  14. I just want them all! Too bad I am a poor college student, ha!
  15. I agree.. black Ali! :tup: