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  1. #1 Apr 22, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2014
    OK ladies I usally dont do these anymore - but I had to bc they are so so so nice!!!!!

    Pink and Bone.

    Bone has lot of yellow undertone - she might be going back
    but Me and Pink migh before FRIENDS
  2. You got the two new ones! So pretty. The Stanwich is one of my favorites. I liked the bone too, but thought it was too close to the natural which I have. The pink one looks so pretty and soft, especially in that light. Is that pretty true to color? Congrats. :flowers:

  3. Bone and Natural are way different
    Bone has more yellow untones.
    YES that is the IRL Pink and i realllllly like it
    a great POPPPPPP of color
  4. Thanks! Yeah, I think the pink is so pretty.....

  5. thank you!!!
  6. I'm expecting the pink Friday... so excited! She's gorgeous!

    I opened bone first then I opened PINK and it was was WOWOWOWWOWOWW
  8. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous bags! Im partial to pink too :smile:
  10. Love them both! Thanks for posting pics.
  11. Thnk u gals!
  12. So pretty. Love them.
  13. Sooo beautiful... The Stanwich is one of my favs! Such a classy bag. The bone is beautiful. I have a drawstring Florentine in Oyster which, I too think is close to my Oyster. :sad:

    But I love it soooo much!!! I really need to stay out of these forums. So dangerous but very helpful at the same time. Sighing... What's a girl to do?
  14. Gorgeous C for C!! I LOVE the pink!! Great *pop* of color, especially wearing black or grey! ! I do like the bone too, I think it would look great with neutral outfits, make you stand out with either bag. :smile:

    Congrats and enjoy your bags!
  15. Pretty bags! The bone is different than I expected. Kind of like a toasted marshmallow color.. lol if that makes sense. The bone on the florentine satchel seems so different than this! But I still like it. And I love pink!!