Stanwich vs florentine vachetta satchel...

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  1. Ugh!!!
    It's me again :P
    I am busy trying to decide on what color florentine satchel...
    But now I see a post about the stanwich satchel and I am thinking that's pretty too!!!
    Stanwich vs flo vachetta....which one and why????

    ETA: I want classic, timeless, something I can keep a long time and not look dated. And of course cute, stylish, etc.
    Haha...I just want it ONE bag! Yikes!!!
  2. Haha, I think we've all been right where you are now. Well, I have the stanwich in three colors, so it's obvious I love that one. I have yet to own the florentine satchel, but I am currently in hot pursuit of my first one. Like you I am agonizing over the perfect color and the best deal. :thinking::wacko:

    I really don't think you can go wrong with either bag, however I think the florentine satchel might be just a little more classic, timeless, and formal. To me, the Stanwich is just a little more casual. I don't know if it's the contrasting trim, the pleating on the front, or the slouchiness. But really, any Dooney is timeless, so what I just said is up for debate. :rtr:

    Here are the main differences that many of us have noticed and talked about. The Stanwich is relatively lighter in weight. The leather feels a little thinner and slouchier (like buttah) and there is less belting over the bag, which probably also contributes to the overall lighter feel. The regular Stanwich, though comparable in size to the regular satchel, seems smaller because it tapers at the top. It's a nice manageable size, but holds a lot. I think these are the main differences that I can think of. I know there are a lot of Stanwich fans out there, so I'm hoping others will offer some thoughts.
  3. I could never commit to the original Flo satchels. They are crazy gorgeous bags, BUT I agree with Twoboyz 120%, I think the traditional is more of a classic style vs the relaxed, casual nature of the stanwich. (Let's hear it for run on sentences! Lol) I have become a strictly casual girl and never felt "put together" with the Flo satchel. She always made me feel like the under dressed housemaid lol I feel the Stanwich fits perfectly both ways... I can carry her to the mall, the market, and the flea market in jeans and flip flops and always look put together. Make sense?
  4. My first Florentine was the full size in crimson, followed just a few months later by my two Stanwich satchels. I feel like they are all classic and timeless, but I am drawn to the contrasting colors of the Stanwich. They're a bit smaller and lighter than my crimson Flo, too.
  5. I agree. I didn't realize just how much lighter the Stanwich would be until I received her. She's much lighter on her feet. It's amazing what a difference several ounces to a pound can make. She's also not as structured (as you said, less belting) and the contrasting trim is what sold me :smile: