Stanwich Satchel vs Toledo Satchel

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  1. For those that have either...or both, or have seen in person....what is the difference between these two styles? They look very much alike. Is the only difference the feel and/or look of the leather? I have read that Toledo leather is shiny and that the case? Does one show marks more readily than the other? I am looking at buying one of these gorgeous bags in Natural and would welcome any opinions or photos. Thanks!
  2. I saw them in a department store, briefly. The Toledo leather was quite shiny; the Stanwich looked like any other Florentine. I can't speak to their relative weights, as they were chained to the wall. :P
  3. Hi Tj,

    I have the regular size Stanwich Satchel in all three colors. I also have the Toledo small satchel in blue. I don't know if I like one or the other better because they both have their great qualities :smile: I also can't speak too much about how they wear over time as I've only had the Stanwich satchels since December and the Toledo for a couple weeks now. I haven't carried any of them very much due to the tons of snow that keeps falling!

    The Toledo leather has a shinier look and is more resistant to weather and water spots. It is prone to scratches just as the florentine leather, but people are reporting that the scratches do not rub out as they do on the florentine leather. Both leathers can come in various textures, a smooth or somewhat pebbly texture. All three of my Stanwich satchels are completely smooth and my Toledo is pebbly.

    The colors in the Toledo bags are different and a little deeper than the Stanwich, which was the main reason I decided to get the small Toledo. I fell in love with the blue with brown T-Moro trim combination. I also have the Toledo Medium Mail Satchel in rouge and that is a gorgeous color as well. The other small difference is in the color of the whip stitching on the handles. The whip stitching on the toledo handles matches the body color of the bag whereas the Whip stitching on the Stanwich is in the dark T-Moro trim color. I would say if you don't have a place to compare the leathers IRL then go with whatever color speaks to you. You really can't go wrong with either bag In my humble opinion. Good luck and let us know what you decide on and please post pictures.

    My Stanwich Satchels

    My small Toledo Satchel

    Here is a size comparison of the regular size Stanwich satchel and the small Toledo satchel if you're conflicted on size.

    Here is a comparison that shows how different the Toledo can look in texture. The rouge mail satchel is completely smooth and he blue satchel is pebbled.
  4. Where did you purchase your Stanwich satchels? I am lusting after a red or natural, but I am determined to get a smooth one.
  5. I got them at the Aurora, IL outlet store. I don't think they ship. I've heard that some of the boutique stores will ship and I think they will describe the bag for you as well. I'm not sure if you can do that if you call customer service. Good luck. I hope you can find one.

  6. Just to add to my already long reply...

    The natural color in the Toledo is a deeper natural color to start. The florentine natural is lighter in color to start, but as the bag patinas it will become darker. I'd say if you want a deeper color starting out and you want it to be more wearable in all weather conditions, you might be happier with the Toledo. I believe both bags are very comparable is size and weight. They are described on QVC by Sue Clifton as being a lighter weight than the traditional Dooney satchels and other florentine leather bags. I find mine to be fairly light weight in comparison
  7. Did you pay full price for your Stanwich satchels at the Aurora outlet? I live in Wisconsin and plan on making the drive one of these days...I LOVE the natural!
  8. No, I don't believe anything is ever full price at the outlet. I got these when they first came in and they were 30% off. I'm finding, in my experience, that when new bags come in they start off at 30% off and then they just get lower as time goes on. They also offer occasional additional special discounts.

    When I got mine they were 30% off and there was a special on florentine bages where they were giving an extra $25.00 off, but that made the sale final. They are usually really nice about holding a bag for you for 24 hours, so if you call ahead you can find out what they have in stock and put your natural Stanwich satchel on hold. ;) You can even ask how many they have in stock and if they have any smooth ones or pebbly ones etc. They are really nice about checking and telling you exactly what they have. Good luck and enjoy your trip. :wave:
  9. Thanks for the info! I called and they have 3 Stanwich Satchels in natural. I never thought to ask if they were smooth or pebbled...but I will be sure to call again to find out. Thanks again!
  10. You're very welcome! I hope you can get one soon and please post a picture when you do :smile: Have fun shopping.