Stanstead shop

  1. Hi ladies!

    So DH is off golfing with his pals in a weeks time and he is under strict instructions to go to the Mulberry shop for me and pick up a little something :smile:

    Having never flown from there myself I can't tell hubby exactly where the shop is in the terminal. Being highly aware of his tactics to not go shopping as i would be "embarrassing him in front of his friends by buying a girls bag", can any of you tell me exactly where it is, so I can give him directions and therefore no excuses ;)

  2. Ooh thanks! Didn't think to look on the website d'uh :smile:

    Not sure about the returns policy. I'll ring them and find out
  3. I checked with Rebecca Groom and you can return purchases by post via the airport. The bag would get sent with a form to BAA who then sort out the exchange/refund with Mulberry.

    I think for tax reasons you can't return to another Mulberry shop direct.
  4. Hi guys. My Boyf is flying out of Stansted next Sunday so I am thinking about what I would like him to fetch me. I have 15 mulberry bags at the last count. But always room to grow!
  5. Anyone happen to know what the stock is normally like in Stanstead? Are Alexas and Bays likely to be available? TIA!
  6. Give them a ring just before you are due to fly. They are really helpful and although they cannot order bags in for you, they should be able to give a good indication of what they have.

    I phoned and although they didn't have the bag I wanted in stock at the time of phoning, when the next delivery came, they went through it and put the bag I wanted to one side for hubby to buy and collect when he flew from there, so always worth a phone call
  7. Thank you for the reply! Wow, thats really helpfull! I will call about a week before I fly and see whats there. Hopefully I will have a reveal to do when I arrive home! :graucho:
  8. Fingers crossed!! Glad I could help :smile:
  9. Hi all. I am due to travel from heathrow next week and thought about a buying a new mulberry from there. This may seem a silly qu but being duty free does that mean all of the 20% VAT is knocked off?
  10. Yes that's correct, 20% off :smile:
  11. Thanks! Oooh great. Had better get thinking which bag I want the most! Yay x
  12. Yes, but.....VAT is calculated and included in full price, so you can't deduct 20% off full price. It would be around 17% off full price, depending on the amount.
  13. If the VAT is 20%, just devide by 1,20 and you'll get the price without VAT. :smile: