Standford Shopping Center LV store service

  1. So... many of my posts were just to complain about bad service and bad quality.... well I just have to rave about the great experience I had at the LV store in Palo Alto. :yahoo: MUCH better than SF store. The store is much smaller than the one in Costa Mesa but the sales people were all very friendly!! :nuts: Instead of feeling like you are walking into a stuffy designer store and feeling out of place you feel like you are almost amongst family there!! Non of the SA were snobby, all friendly and casual. The store was quite empty so many SA gathered around when my mother and I waited for one SA to finish transaction at the counter and happily looked on as we tried on various bags and offered their honest opinions. The were happy to show us many many bags and did not seem to mind at all. :wlae: Great experience for a change!! I was very very happy with everyone there. I had my eyes set on a Popincourt Haut previous to this experience but now I think the Cabas Piano looks better. :lol:
  2. That's nice:yes: .You deserve it.;)
  3. He he he.. Awwww... :heart:.
  4. Yes, I am very happy with it. This is the way it should be. Buying LV should be a happy comfortable friendly experience. Previous to this store I have actually "worried about the buying experience, will the SA be nice? Will they give me a box? Will he/she be willing to show me several ones until I find the one I want?."
  5. That's so great! I almost went there today!!! We could have bumped into each other!
  6. I love Stanford LV too. Their manager is a very handsome guy.:P :P Valley Fair LV is pretty good too. Most of the SAs there are super nice.
  7. Oooo.. whats the managers name? Can you describe how he looks? My mother was so impressed we were wondering who was the manager as we left. =)
  8. My Mom stopped in on Monday and we felt right at home there as well, there were probably 15 Papillons of all different styles on the counter and they were in the process of moving things around. We oohed and ahhed and joked with them about all those Paps just sitting there and how we really wanted one of each color and there they were!

    I really wanted to have a reason to have that HUGE trunk...LOL.
  9. I'm glad you found as store that has good service!! I was at the SF store at the beginning of Aug and I have to agree with you. They are pretty rude there. The girls at the LV in NM are much nicer.
  10. I have always wondered- Why is it that some stores just have an ora of stuffiness, rudeness, etc. and you are made to feel like you are a pain in the arse??.
    I dont think that this is in LV's training of their staff- So what gives- why are most stores like this??? I have been to many LV Stores all over the country and get the same impression?
  11. glad to hear that you had a pleasant experience!!
  12. The service in that store is great but, they don't seem very knowledgeable IMO.
  13. Glad you had a great experience....I've yet to have a bad one (but then again I stick to the same SA)!
  14. I love hearing good experiences like this!
  15. Glad to hear you had a great experience! I've always had a good time at the SF store but maybe it depends on the SA. Some there are crabby. I always ask for Priscilla, she's super nice. Tim, Keisha and Judith are too. :flowers: