Standardstyle Coupon

  1. Hi!
    I'm desperately seeking a current coupon that applies to sale items @
    Does anyone know of one? I will be so so grateful! :yes:
  2. Try Jessica2 for 20%
  3. I just used jessica2 for 20% off but I am not sure if it worked My final checkout total didn't reflect the discount. I didn't get an "invalid code" message like I did with other codes I tried to use.

    Even if the code doesn't apply, I got some nice deals on Phillip Lim!
  4. Maybe it doesn't work on sale items.
  5. I just tried using three different coupons that I found on the website and none of them worked on the sale item I was buying. Like AE, they probably don't accept coupon codes on sale items. Dagnabit!