Stand by your man he will stand up for your purses ;-)

  1. I just had to share with all my new Coach friends the events of today and what has led to a "You can buy how ever many Coach purses you want and I will still buy you at least 1 if not more each year!"

    I was at work and about 3:30pm I get a call from my fiance...."I stabbed myself in the hand, I called 911, Hannah got out the door (our yorkie)" His phone goes dead!!!!

    I call back frantic FIND THE DOG (her tags were off due to her haircut last night and we are near a busy road)

    I leave work and hall butt, at this time mom is already calling hospitals. I turn to our road and see the fire engine and ambulance, I park in the grass and run to the car they had the whole apartment area blocked off so no one could get out...I get in the ambulance and he said "shes ok shes inside" Because his brother and I were going to meet there, find her then find what hospital....

    I get in, we head to the hospital apparently he was scrapping brownies out of a pan with a steak knife and it went THROUGH HIS HAND...the bleeding was so bad they had to bring a surgeon in because the blood would not stop and was getting everywhere and he was shaking!! at about 10pm my boss came to pick us up and bring us home...I walk inside and there is brownie on the floor (freaking about dog...well HE was he said IF SHE DIES ITS ALL MY FAULT YOU WILL HATE ME FOREVER)...So I called the vet to calm him down. But the blood oh my dear god..............and it was SO CLOSE to the Coach hangs by the front door...

    So as I am logging online to see new threads he comes in and says "Wow I never expected to see you in the ambulance and it was just amazing when they opened the door and there you were (mind you I about fainted from panic attack!!!)....He then goes know what I will make all this up to you but before that comes I want you to know that I understand you do not ask for much, do not obsess over much, and do not ever complain about much....I want you to just be happy if you want to collect and have them you can and I will still buy you some :smile:

    So all is well....his hospital bill will be a fortune worth of Coach purses but its OK life will go on with him in it

    Sorry so long but typing the days events out REALLY help plus...I get to shop tomorrow haha Going to hit two malls and see if I find any goodies!!
  2. i'm glad everyone is okay...and you get more bags!
  3. How scary! So glad your dog and husband are alright!
  4. what an eventful day!! you are pretty brave I have to say, and reacted well! and I hope your fiance will have a speedy recovery!! give him my best!
  5. ty ladies!!! Just got back from my work meeting and was able to pick up his meds....he is feeling UP and even did the dishes...and the baking pan...clean....I still need to go outside and peroxide the cement there looks like we dragged a body down the stairs. He wants to go to the mall and get educated on Coach purses today LOL
  6. Wow, just glad that he's okay.
  7. He's good and drugged up and the best man EVER lol...He went to 3 Malls today (I went to 4 but I work at one and had a meeting lol) and at the 4th mall found a bag I wanted and it was 50% off!!
  8. Rude comment !!!
  9. So glad he is ok.
  10. That is odd that you would drag him to the malls the day after he stabs himself.
  11. If you knew him it's not odd, he climbed a mountain the day before his brothers wedding and fell down and was in the hospital and then insisted on walking all day on it. He actually called me and said I had to take him out for the day or he would go nuts (No xbox for quite some time) :sad:
  12. Wow! So glad everyone is ok! Have fun educating your fiance on Coach (man, did he realize what he was getting himself into? LOL!) Anyway, post a pic of the bag you got on sale (50% off is awesome) when you get a chance!
  13. ^^I personally understand his mentality, the "once you get thrown off the horse you gotta jump back up, dust yourself off, and sit yourself in that saddle". Now with him interested in COACH will make your experience that much the better! Only a few ladies have the luxury to share their love of bags with their husbands.