Stams for shorties?

  1. I am only five feet - thoughts on the stam for someone of my size? Is the stam comparable to the balenciaga city at all in terms of size :blink:

    I have wanted this bag forever and finally have an opportunity to get one so I'm going to buy it, but would like to see what you think of it for my frame? I wish I could find pics online of more petite people wearing it :cry:
  2. MJ will be producing two additional versions of the Stam in the fall. The first is the small Stam (the same bag that was out last fall) with only the chain strap and no handles. There's also a new east/west Stam that's coming out. It's a few inches smaller than the regular Stam and is a more horizontal shape. It has handles, a chain strap and two zippered pockets on the front (similar to the pockets on the banana hobo). I'm not sure if I love it, but it might be an option for those who are on the petite side. You can see pics at any MJ boutique. Good luck with your Stam search!

    By the way, I'm 5'4" and ended up selling my Stam because I found the size and weight to be overwhelming. I think I'm going to buy the little one with only the chain strap as I'm still craving a Stam. Also, I found the Stam to be a lot bigger and more cumbersome that the Balenciaga city bag, which is what I ultimately ended up with!
  3. Valerie thanks! I am not sure on the one with pockets :sad: I don't think that sounds very appealing to me...I think for me the original stam or nothing. At one point I wanted the baby stam but found it doesn't hold much at all.

    As for weight of the stam, does it compare to the chloe paddington?
  4. I'm just going to go ahead and get it....I've wanted one since I first saw them so hopefully it's love at first sight!
  5. I don't have the Paddington (picking one up stopped me from buying!) but I believe the Stam is lighter in comparison. Plus you can remove the chain if you want to reduce the weight. The newest Stams have canvas lining, which may reduce the weight further. They really are great bags, and even though mine didn't work out, I feel like I would never have been satisfied until I tried it. I deliberated long and hard before letting Stam go, because style-wise, it's still my favorite bag.

    I say go for it--if it doesn't work out you can always return or sell it!
  6. Thanks Valerie! I'm going to go for it as the style has been one I've been wanting for a loooong time. I'll have to see how I like it and then take it from there :=) The one Im getting is the older style w/the suede lining so I guess it'll be heavier...I bet it's still lighter than the Paddy so that's a plus LOL! Thanks for your help!
  7. Please keep us posted on how you like it. And be sure to post pics!
  8. Twinklette: I definitely don't want to talk you out of the Stam at all, but there are a couple of issues that I'd point out for you. First off, I'm only 5' and I own 3 Stams - it's definitely an oversized bag, but I personally don't feel they're "too" oversized, if that makes sense. I love the bag enough so that I don't find it an issue.

    But as far as weight goes, they're much heavier and more awkward to carry than the regular Paddy. That's one of my other favorite bags and I don't find the Paddy heavy to carry at all - the Stam is a brick compared to it. Actually, the Stam (suede lining or not - I have both) is the only bag I own which throws my shoulder out of whack when I wear it, so don't purchase it thinking it's lighter than the Paddy - it's not. Again, I don't find it "too" heavy - it's workable - but definitely heavier by comparison.
  9. I own a stam and I am only 5'1". I was concerned about the weight (as well as the size) but the moment I got it, I knew that it was meant to be. I think it looks cute, being a relatively large purse- but not oversized. I am usually very picky on how heavy my purses can be.. (I've been spoiled by my balenciagas!).. but imo, the stam is not that bad. I also carry it without the chain, so that helps.

    I say go for it! It's such a cute bag!! Ever since I got it, it has been my everyday bag.. goes with everything. :biggrin:
  10. i'm 5'3 and i have a stam
    as long as you don't use the chain (a bit gaudy for me), it's not heavy AT ALL
  11. Thanks style101, kattie and mono! I'm getting an 05 black so I'll keep you all posted. I can't wait as I've wanted one for sooo long, since I first saw the taupe shade. That's my favorite but I have enough tannish bags and really need black, so this will be perfect!
  12. Style do you use the chain when it throws your shoulder out??? Just curious....I so appreciate your thoughts on the stam. I can't wait to get it!

  13. Yes - LOL. And since I mentioned that it kills my shoulder AND I still happily wear it, you can probably figure out that I obviously love the Stam. I always leave the chain on, but to me it's heavy either carried by hand, in the crook of the arm, over the shoulder by the handles or over the shoulder by the chain. (Meanwhile, the Paddy I don't find heavy at all, so go figure.) But it's more that it's heavy after a long while, not so much when you first pick it up.

    Don't worry - I think you'll love it - you can always carry it without the chain as well - that would probably make it a bit lighter, but I like the chain and the option of slinging it over my shoulder that way in a pinch.
  14. Style thanks so much. That's so funny you don't find the paddy heavy! I think that is THE heaviest bag ever lol. I'm sure I'll love it and if the chain's too heavy I'll just take it off.