Stams for a steal... anywhere?

  1. Okay, okay... I'm starting to see that everyone has a Stam but me! :cry: The more I see this bag, the more I love it. My only hesitation is that there are so many fakes out there. UGH! Who has the best hints on getting a Stam for a steal? Are they on sale anywhere? Any REAL ones on eBay that ya'll have seen?
  2. I wouldn't expect a very hot bag like the stam to be on sale ANYWHERE. The best you might do is right around retail on ebay for a gentlyused Stam, but the real stams on ebay have been going for ABOVE retail.
  3. surf the net...they are out there, but retail. No deal. Never a deal on anything hot!
  4. You can get Stam for less by taking advantage of events where designer bags aren't excluded. If you already have a specific color in mind already, I recommend getting it from Bloomingdale's now (see details below).

    If you live in US, here are some tips. =)

    1. Open an account
    Barney's NY (10% off on 1st day of purchase), Bloomingdale's (15% off), NM (10% back in gift card), etc.

    2. Friends & Family Event
    Saks & Bloomies offer 20% off

    3. Neiman Marcus Birthday Discount (15% off)

    Bloomingdale's Private Sale Event is going on now (6/13-6/15).
    1. $25 off every $100 (max $100 discount)
    This season's Stam is $1275 so you will get $100 discount, bringing its subtotal to $1175

    2. $15 gift card for every $100 spent
    After offer#1 is applied, you will be eligible for 11 $15 gift cards (can be used starting on 6/16) totalling $165.

    3. If you open a charge account, you will be credited back 15% on your statement.
  5. If there is no Bloomingdale's by you, try calling these 2 locations:

    Newport Beach, California: 949.729.6729 (extended hours: 10-10)

    59th Street at Lexington Ave: 800.232.1854
  6. I totally agree with Youngprof. Almost all the Stams on ebay are fake -- authentic ones (new & used) don't sell for $200-$300; all bags from are 1000% fake. Real ones do show up once a while, some of us here will post the links since many members are looking for them. Please be really careful with deals especially those that are too good to be true. Good luck. =)