Stams: Current NYC stock, anyone?

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  1. Hi guys :smile: I'm new here, and from Australia - a land pretty much devoid of Stams. However, my father is going to be in New York next week, and I was hoping to get him to pick me up a bag.

    I've been hunting through the threads but I'm a little confused as to the exact stock that is available in store at the moment - ie. whether it is the Fall 2006 stock, or the Resort 2006. I was wondering if there were any forumers "on the ground" in NY who could further enlighten me as to what my dad might be able to find.

    Thanks :heart:
  2. ^ MJ boutique in New York has the best selections. MJ boutiques have received S/S 2007 QUILTED Stams ($1350USD) in Black, Ivory, Natural, Brown, Blue, and Green. They still have Resort 2006 QUILTED Stams ($1275USD) in Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond, and Saddle Brown.
  3. Thank you so much!! That was exactly the information I needed :smile:
  4. Def check out Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Barney's department stores. These are all mostly located midtown on Madison and 5th ave. MJ boutiques are further downtown in Soho, so hopefully you're dad won't have to go too far out of his way to find a location that carries MJ Stams. All stores will have Resort 2006 and some of Spring 2007 available. Good luck with your stam search! Any particular color that you're looking for?

    Wow, do I miss shopping there....
  5. Natanya,

    If you are interested in seeing S/S 07 Quilted Stams (details below), PM me your e-mail address. I can forward you their pictures if I haven't uploaded them yet.

    15 x 11 x 5.5"
    Colors: Black, Ivory, Natural, Brown, Green, Blue
    Details: Canvas Lining, Gold Hardware

    Leather: pebbled/grained
    Hardware: champagne gold

    Black: faded black stitching, army green lining

    Ivory: vanilla ice cream leather, ivory stitching, army green lining

    Natural: yellowish ivory or french vanilla ice cream leather, white stitching, army green lining

    Brown: brown leather (deeper than F/W 06's Chestnut), brown stitching, army green lining

    Blue: electric/bright blue leather, blue stitching, beige/khaki lining

    Green: spearmint leather, beige/khaki lining
  6. Thanks so much - I sent you a PM :smile:

    thithi, I'm thinking of basic black, as I don't have a nice black bag (my Chanel was stolen :sad: ). Although I do love the paler colours! Decisions, decisions...
  7. Each season has a basic black, linings will be different for each season. If fall stams are still available, those will have cream canvas, and resort will have brown canvas. For me, that makes a difference as I prefer darker interiors. Leather also varies for each season. If you want a particular type of leather, ie soft, smooshy, firm, or textured, trust your dad and tell him what you want so he can feel them over when he gets there. And make sure he calls you so he can talk it over with you when he's at the store! I'm so excited for you, good luck with your bag!
  8. Got your PM; look over the pictures first. Once you decide on a color, I can help you go from there (find out which stores have it). I know for a fact that non-mj stores don't get all the Stam colors, the buyers only pick/choose certain colors/styles for their stores. I usually check NM & Nordstrom's MJ Look Book (list of items the store gets) every season; Nordstrom didn't get Almond & Saddle Brown for Resort, NM/Barney's/Saks/Bloomies didn't get certain colors as well.

    For S/S 2007, I only checked MJ boutique's Look Book since they carry all the colors/styles including store exclusives.

    All stores carry Black Stams, you can read about recent differences here:
  9. That's great info - really useful, thanks heaps! I generally prefer darker interiors as well but the thing I am most concerned about is the feel of the leather - do you think they will mind in the store if he picks them up and 'squishes' them? I know it sounds odd but I don't really know how else he'll be able to tell which has the softest leather.

    I'm really excited too - especially as this is to be my last major bag purchase before I start saving for my move to Paris. So I want to make sure I get it exactly right!
  10. Oh gosh, I love Paris! The shopping there is fab... I could have spent weeks at rue de Faubourg. You are so lucky to be moving there. And with the a stam bag, you'll be stylin for sure!

    If your dad's not embarassed about handling a woman's bag, then he should definitely squish the bags! I think resort is softer than fall's black leather, not so sure about spring since I haven't seen those IRL yet. I think any dept store will be understanding if you dad needs to "test drive" the bag. I can imagine him now, how sweet! :p
  11. Thanks for both your PM and the links - very helpful info! At the moment I'm about 95% sure I'll get the black as I just think I'll get the most use out of that colour.. although I am loving the Almond and looking forward to seeing the Ivory and Natural!

    In your last post of the thread you linked above, you mentioned that the black '07s were in the boutique. Does that mean that they would potentially have blacks from three different collections?

    Also, do you know what colour the hardware was on the Resort bags? From the pictures in the Resort thread it appears to be quite a bright gold - I'm guessing the champagne gold of the new bags is a little duller?

    Sorry for all the questions - I really appreciate your help :smile:
  12. Recent Quilted Stams (Fall/Winter 06, Resort 06, and Spring/Summer 07) are made of structured calf leather, they are grained/pebbled; all of them have gold hardware. MJ boutiques said that Black (this color is produced in the biggest quantity) is always their best selling color for Stams, therefore, stores might not have all blacks from 3 different seasons. If they are still available, I can ask my SA to take pictures of them together for you so that you can compare them.

    I have 2 Quilted bags (Elise & Little Stam) from Resort 06, the hardware is shiny gold. The detail (leather texture, stitching color) is captured well in this picture, but my hardware is a little darker & shinier though.

  13. I'm actually not moving until next year (2008) but it's going to cost me a fair bit in rent etc so I need to start saving now. And the Stam is the bag I am planning to take with me (going to leave my other babies here until I get back) so it needs to be perfect. Dad won't care about handling the bag, he'll just think I'm mad :lol:

    A picture to compare the blacks would be fantastic and would certainly help, but please don't go to too much trouble! To me the description 'champagne gold' just sounds less, well, bright gold than the hardware I can see in your picture and in the other pictures I saw of the Resort 06 collection, so I will certainly be interested to hear more about the new hardware.
  14. Those are GORGEOUS... I love the blue, but I have a Balenciaga in a very similar colour. The natural is stunning as well.. I think it will be either that or black.

    Can't wait to see more pics!