Stamped "Made in France" on outside of bag?

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  1. Is that also going away?
    I know the Made in USA bags only say "Paris" now on the outside and have the cloth tag inside but do the bags made in France also just say Paris on the outside and have a Paris date code on the inside?
    Just wondering???
  2. I already had two bags bought this year. Keepall 45 and Alma PM, and yes the 'made in France' tag is outside of the bag
  3. So glad to hear that!!
    Now if I could only find one!!
  4. You mean where to find them? The 'made in France' stamp is on the side for both of my bags
  5. The bag before the "cloth tag" use to say made in USA on the outside of the bag..
    Now if it has a cloth tag it says... Louis Vuitton Paris

    So I was wondering if the bags MIF still say made in France on the outside tag or if they also just say Louis Vuitton Paris?
  6. My new speedy b has "Louis Vuitton Paris made in France" stamped on the vachetta outside of the bag so, yes, it's still there.
  7. Thank you! Congrats on your new Speedy B :smile:
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