Stamped GM/PM & Sac Plat

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  1. Hello everyone. I want to ask opinions from you all,

    1) What do you think of a guy with a sac plat? I'm thinking of buying one for my fiance. He often wear T-shirts, jeans & sneakers, sometimes beanie cap since he owns a high-end street fashion business & always travelling between HK, New York & Japan. Which is nicer, mono denim, mono canvas or epi sac plat?

    2) What do you think of LV Stamped GM/PM? I love the cocoa color & want to get one.:girlsigh:
  2. I have always wondered this myself... I would love to carry a Damier Sac Plat... That bag always gives me the butterflies everytime I see it. :biggrin:

    As for the LV Stamped bag... I LOOOVE it... but it seems like it'll be hard to take care of... [like the Onatah. :P]
  3. I think a Sac Plat could look masculine in the right material/color. I'd go either with Damier or Epi black.
  4. the damier would look nice for a guy, i would have to let my bf carry it so i can see...hes always very
  5. i think a sac plat would look great on a guy- in damier or epi. great idea!
  6. My husband has Taiga Andrei and Victor.. he use them alot especially when he travels.. i'm not a fan of Sac plat for a guy.. i think LV has some Men bags which are gorgeous and very practical.. :yes:

    About the stamped LV.. they're nice.. but to me they look like Gucci stamped bags.. and on top of that they're suede!! difficult to take care of IMO!

    goodluck with your purcahse, dont forget to post pictures:flowers:
    p10332543_ph_hero.jpg p11231007_ph_hero.jpg
  7. Yumm, I love guys with Sac Plats, theyre an "Updated" Breifcase, My favorites are Denim, Damier, and Epi.

    I say for your Fiance, Damier or Black Epi.

    My favorite Sac Plat in Epi is Mandarine!!

    But I think your Fiance would be handsome with either Damier for a more casual look, or Black Epi for a more business look.

    Theres a guys opinion!
  8. Heh, I'd say go for the Damier Sac Plat for your fiance and then get the Damier Venice GM for yourself! :P
  9. Sac Plat for guys is a bit of a hit-or-miss thing. i personally couldn't see myself carrying one in Mono or Damier. black or brown Epi might still be alright. though i think the Sac Plat isn't a teeshirt & sneakers kinda bag - its more like a smart casual/suit bag. i think it's best if he could try them on himself.