Stamped Chanel jewelry?

  1. Swanky, if there is a thread on this please forgive me. I could not locate it. So please if there is one please merge this one with it:sweatdrop:

    Hello, ladies: I wanted to verify that not all Chanel jewelry is stamped. It has been eating at me for sometime(2 years) about some studs I bought from the Chanel boutique that were not stamped. Then while browsing sophia618 eye candy thread I noticed that pic of the ones I own were not stamped. I wonder why:confused1:[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. DeeDee,

    I have a lot of Chanel earrings (all from the boutique or Chanel outlet). And they all have a stamp...EXCEPT ONE PAIR!!!!!

    They are the small CC that dangle from a hoop. I have searched these earings for the stamp, and there is none. I know most earrings have the tiny oval metal plate on them, but others just have it embossed (no oval plate). But not this pair.

    Did you look really close on the edge of the earrings? Sometimes they "stamp" (emboss) it there.
  3. thank you so much for responding, lamb. I just checked and not one stamp of either one. Weird, uh?
  4. DeeDee,

    Yes, it is weird, I agree. Because all my other earrings have the oval plate or the embossing......and believe me, I checked them all!!!
  5. :rolleyes:This pair of earrings is absolutely 100% authentic w/o the oval stamped. I own a few pair of Chanel earrings that don't have the oval stamped. I didn't see anything wrong with them. The quality are all great. :supacool: