Stamp out hunger day is Sat, May 12!

  1. Hi just a friendly sunshine reminder that this Saturday, May 12, is the National Associations of Letter Carriers' STAMP OUT HUNGER FOOD DRIVE.

    All you have to do is put your non perishable food out by your mail box and the post office delivers them to your local food bank.

    Help someone today, you'll be glad you did :smile:
  2. Why don´t we have these things here! What a fabulous idea.
  3. ah yess..I received a postcard reminding me of this day.
  4. ^^^ so did I
  5. Thanks for the reminde Mary!
  6. Brilliant idea but we don't have here, we should!
  7. we never got the postcard, but the lady at the post office reminded me. so i went out and bought some food!
  8. thanks for the reminder.
  9. We got a postcard and a bag specially for our donations...thats for the reminder so I wont forget to put it outside in the morning!
  10. Don't forget it...tomorrow!
  11. What a great idea - too bad it's not practised here.