stam zipper pull

  1. i was just curious if anyone else had problems with the stams zipper pull coming off the bag? the one on the outter pouch of the bag. the zipperhead must've started coming loose without me knowing, and while i was xmas shopping in the mall last night, i thought i had lost it! i found it (thankfully!) in my car. with a pair of jewelry closers, i tightened the zipperhead so hopefully this'll never happen again! :cursing:

    merry christmas ladies :smile:
  2. never had that problem....maybe it caught on something and loosened the head of the zipper....i dunno...
  3. I have the same problem with the zip pull on my Venetia. I have to hold the pull a certain way when I use it or it comes off in my hand. It's a complete pain in the neck and, quite honestly, it put me off buying any other Marc Jacobs bags.
  4. ^^ thats understandable. i was thinking about maybe selling my stam, and i knew if i didnt find the zipperpull, i wouldn't get as much money for the bag bc of the defect. im so glad i found it! :smile:
  5. wow.....i've never had that on any of the pulls on my mj stuff
  6. Hey Jackie I think there are other threads about this happening... BE VERY CAREFUL with it!!! Some have squeezed them back on only to BREAK!! I searched and here are the treads - you should be able to have MJ repair it depending on the age of the bag...Good Luck!!! :smile:
  7. ^^ thanks hun! i checked that link, but nothing came up.

    i hate to say this, but i have decided to sell my stam. like ive been saying for awhile, times are tough, and i need the money more than i need the bag right now. i know this is a decision i will regret in the future, but i just need $$$ to pay for my tuition. :sad:
  8. its from 2006. i dont know off hand what season its from. the only thing is that i purchased the stam from eBay, and was never given the original sales receipt. i had the bag authenticated on here.

    ive decided that i am going to put her up for sale on eBay :sad: