Stam + ZC = shoulder problems?

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  1. I am trying to use my Stam with a ZC, and it is sooo heavy. I have a postage scale, and it is too heavy to register on it, which means it's over 5 lbs. (I don't have regular scales to weigh it)

    Do you guys just suffer through the pain, or take the chain off, don't use a ZC with it? Some advice, if there is any other than just suffer. :sweatdrop: I have to admit I'm a little bummed about it. I just have a makeup case, wallet, iPhone, regular goodies in it. I can't imagine returning the bag or ZC because of this. Pretty bummed.

    I want the Cecilia, but it has a chain too. Now I'm hesitant about getting it. Is it just as heavy?
  2. Can you fit the stam on your shoulder with the handles? This is the way I carry mine (minus chain). If not, maybe you can use a lighter wallet and reduce the amount in your makeup case. You can always look for a Cecilia with the fabric strap - it is so comfy, but a little funky looking!
  3. my mother carries it without the chain. she says it's a lot lighter to her without it. i don't usually sling it on my shoulders. i either carry it by hand or in the crook of my arm. i must be used to the weight cause i don't find the stam heavy at all.
  4. I can get it over my shoulder with the handles, but it's right up under my arm. And I got the ZC because it's the metallic gold quilt and it is a perfect match to the white/metallic gold Stam. They are stunning together!
    I didn't know the Cecilia came with a fabric strap. that sounds wonderful! The Cecilia I saw had a chain that was not detachable. I'll look around. I do want the purple stardust one, though. :drool:
    I've pretty much cleaned out my makeup bag and goodies as much as possible. I'm one that thinks I have to have everything I own with me. LOL!
  5. I weighed the chain by itself. It is 11 ounces. I think it's the ZC and makeup bag. I'll have to work on it.
  6. the stam is notoriously a heavier bag. quite a few PFers have ended up returning and/or selling their stams because of the weight. I've always carried larger bags, so the weight's never been real issue for me -- the stam is my fav MJ style and I've owned several of them

    They have lightened up in recent years since he started using goat leather instead of calf (and this season, they're lamb!) -- he also added a leather shoulder pad to the chains (starting w/the F/W08 season). The chain by itself is heavy, but I can't imagine carrying a stam without the chain -- it's such a great detail (I also use the chain on my shoulder w/o issue)

    The bag itself is heavy, but I always find the weight comes from what I carry inside -- if a bag becomes too heavy when I'm carrying it, I usually go thru what's inside eliminating what I absolutely don't need to carry with me. The ZC is also a very heavy wallet (esp the quilted metallic ones), so you might want to try carrying a lighter weight or smaller wallet w/your stam -- I saw the Continental Wallet over the weekend and was amazed at how feather light it was. I'm going to see if I can't find one of those in some great F/W color!
  7. I wish this one had a leather shoulder pad. My black one does, and it's the lamb. It does feel lighter. I've lightened up what I carry about as much as I can. It will be ok. I'll get used to it. It is such a beautiful bag that I can't imagine returning it! My husband is so funny. He'll carry my bag when I don't feel like it. He's such a goofball.
  8. I don 't own a stam but i used to own a cecilia. It's a very light bag compared to other MJ. IMO, it's even lighter than blake. Cecilia is a great choice, great shape and very light weight
  9. I have a Mayfair which has a solid heavy chain and it can get very heavy, I don't wear her if I know I'll be walking a lot