Stam vs. Stam Hobo

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  1. What do you think has more longevity, the Stam or the Stam Hobo? I love the look of the Stam Hobo but I want to get one that won't look dated a year from now...any other styles in your opinion that are more classic is appreciated. Black? Venetia?
  2. I think the Stam will last longer than the hobo. I normally avoid black bags and tend to go for brighter colors. I think if you're looking for a classic bag that won't become dated, then definitely go for one of the classic styles like the stam, venetia, blake, or MP, quilted or non-quilted.
  3. i initially liked the stam hobo more than the stam and bought it in black... but returned it b/c the size was just a little bit too big on me. i really liked it in black... cashew is a pretty color for the hobo, and also the chestnut.

    i'm getting the stam b/c it came in ivory and i need a bag in that color for the summer.

    the stam hobo is cute, i've seen it worn over the shoulder too... i say get it, i'm in love w/the quilted mj's at the moment, so chic and classic.
  4. I have been going through the same exact dilema! I have been leaning more towards the stam hobo. I think that it is not as expected as the stam, and with a marc jacobs bag, how can you look dated?
  5. yes, so true... mj bags cannot look dated... if i were to see the stam hobo on someone even three years from now, i would think- first, she's got good taste and second, it's one of my favorite designs :smile:... i would have definitely have gotten the hobo if i was a little taller.
  6. i really like the shape of the hobo and the fact that it isnt as popular or carried as the stam... she's the underdog. i vote for hobo.
  7. Definitely the stam. I'm a little biased cuz I have one, but I like that it incorporates a vintage look (kiss lock closure, satchel shape) with modern touches (chain strap, quilting).

    I know the stam has been knocked off to death but I think it's popularity speaks to its longevity. I really like the hobo, but I vote for a stam.
  8. I say the hobo. I have both and I definately get more use out if the hobo actually my stam is still sitting unused...
  9. another vote for Hobo, i love the versatility, i used it for work, for trips, and it looks very stylish with work clothes or jeans....
  10. definitely the hobo if you have the height.

    i bought a stam (before the hobos existed), but when the hobo was launched i wanted it terribly. thank god i tried it on because it was massive on me, and while i still drool over it even today, i know it just doesn't fit me. i am very, very happy with my standard stam, but i would kill for a hobo if it weren't so long.
  11. second that!
    i used to like the stam, but then when i think about it, when i carry it, it prolly wasnt gonna be as practical as i wanted it. while w/ the hobo, i cud just rest if on my shoulder and off i go. and the handle is so comfortable, surprisingly.

    size wise, hobo is huge. but hey, if u like big bags, it doesnt matter. i'm only 4'9 btw.. HTH!
  12. Good to know. At 5 ft 2, I don't need anything that makes me look any shorter but if you can pull it off, I might just give it a go.