Stam vs Mini Stam

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  1. Does anyone have both that can show a comparison please? I am debating I am just not sure which size.
  2. Is that what you want? Sorry the lighting is horrible, but you said you wanted size.

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  3. Oh yes!!! How do you like them? Do you prefer one over the other? Please tell me more of your comparison. Thank you for the photos. :smile:.
  4. Haha okay.

    I like them both really and that is why I got the two sizes. It really depends how much you need your bags to hold. The Stam is large and the mini is more medium size.

    They both weigh around the same because the chain on the mini Stam is longer and heavier. The mini Stam can be worn as a crossbody not sure if that is a plus for you.

    The handles are different too. The leather handles can be over the shoulder but the mini Stam is only long enough for the elbow.

    I am also 64 inches tall and 100 lbs. The Stam looks a little big on me and I think the mini Stam is more proportionate. If you are shorter maybe you want a mini Stam.

    Both are great choice though! If you have more questions feel free to ask!

  5. Oh wow. Cool. Thanks for answering. I have the large stam and it is rather large and heavy. I was trying to see if the mini would be too small you know? I was wondering about that strap. Thanks for that as well.

    Oh my you are a tiny thing. I. Wish. 5 '4 here and not 100 pounds. Lol. Appreciate the info.
  6. Hehe. No problem. I think the mini Stam is still pretty big. I have a even smaller one for the light days. It is called a Kid stam. It is a little bigger than the little Stam.

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  7. Any mod pics of the kid?
  8. Sure!! It still looks like a good sized bag on me.

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  9. I have a mini stam which I like. It can stuff a lot. However I detach it with the long strap as it's too heavy for me. And I also feel mini looks cool as a handheld bag :smile:
  10. Cute. I've never seen or heard of a Kid Stam.
  11. only came out for one season nas...but then he recently released the minis which i think are similar in size...the kid cam in regular quilted and quilted elastic
  12. It really is cute.
  13. Thanks. I really like the size because it makes it cute and tiny. Too bad it wasn't released for more seasons. I would like more but I do not like the elastic.