Stam vs. Little Stam: if you have one or both, c'mere please!

  1. Need expert opinions on these two. If you have both, which do you like better and why? Is the little stam large enough to carry daily essentials like wallet, sunnies, keys, cell? Or do you need the larger one?

    I'm really torn and need your help! TIA!
  2. I have three regular sized Stams and I love them. I generally prefer larger bags, though. I don't think the Stam is a huge bag. The little Stam would be way too small for me. If you like small-ish bags, it would probably work out for you. Either way, the style is beautiful and you can't go wrong with Little or Big.
  3. I have the kid and I like it . the little stam fit my wallet ,keys, small make bag and power. If you don't carry alot -stay with the little one
    The bigger does have more room
  4. I have a Baby Stam, a Mina and a Stam. I haven't used my Stam yet, but the Mina is very similar to the Stam (w/o the handles) - The Baby Stam can be used every day IF you like small bags & don't carry a lot. I fit my small billfold, keys, sunglasses, a small bottle of Motrin & a small planner inside & there was still some room left for smaller things. (I put my cell phone in the front pocket). If you put too much in the Baby Stam, it tends to pop open so you really can't overload it.

    The Mina, on the other hand, can fit the same items & my Zipped Clutch (instead of the billfold) along with receipts and other items I wind up collecting on a daily basis. That's the problem with larger bags - I seem to accumulate so much JUNK! Things that I don't need to carry but wind up carrying just becuz I have the room!

    The Stam is a little larger than the Mina, so it can hold all of that & more.

    It really depends on what you're used to & what you need to carry every day. If you only carry the essentials and don't need a large bag, I think the Baby Stam would be fine. You also have to have a smaller wallet (like a billfold). The ZC will fit inside, but you have to angle it just right & then it leaves little room for anything else.
  5. out of the two, i think i prefer the regular stam. it's big but not too big and you can either carry essentials or pack it full of verything you need for a short trip. i really love the versatility of being able to carry it in so may different ways!!!
  6. Thanks for the opinions, ladies. Now I have to figure it out. My problem is I go both ways, LOL, on bag size. One day, huge, the next, teeny!

    I love the look of the large stam and I like the price of the small!
  7. if you are open to eBay, you can get a large for the price of a small! I love the larger stam more. but I like bigger bags even tho I'm very petite.
  8. i like both, but i think the regular stam is more convenient. i think of the little stam as more of a going out bag.
  9. I've been scouring eBay like a crazed loon. :nuts: LOL I'll find the right one, hopefully! :okay:
  10. little one for going out...i like that one
  11. Hope I'm not too late to throw in my two cents worth.
    I have the regular stam and I love it to bits. It is extremely versatile and you can either load it up with everything you need for the day (and I do mean everything including my wallet, makeup pouch, sunglasses, cellphone, ipod, camera, umbrella, small bottle of water and even a pashmina) or you can just throw in the bare essentials. Either way, the bag keeps its shape and doesnt lose it's shape the way I've seen some speedys do when they get overloaded.
    Also, if you're reasonably tall, the regular will probably fit you better. I'm about 5'8" and 110lbs and it doesn't look oversized on me at all.
    Hope this helps!
  12. I only have 'the kid' and for me it's the perfect size & currently my favorite MJ bag - but I am not a 'large bag' gal. I can easily fit the following in it to give you an idea of size:

    LV small agenda
    LV french wallet
    cell phone
    lip gloss
    cigs & lighter

    My MJ ZC fit in there but kind of had to stuff it in - just in case you have one it's not a good fit with this bag IMO.
  13. Thanks everyone, for your help, I greatly appreciate it. I decided that in this case, the regular Stam is probably the right bag for me.

    I was lucky enough to win a Mina on eBay a couple of days ago, but I don't think that's going to cure my need for a Stam, so I'm looking! :okay:
  14. your doggie is so cute!
  15. I prefer the regular size stam, just looks better in that size IMO