stam vs. blake vs. alyona

  1. I want to get my first MJ bag but I am torn between a black stam and a black blake and a black alyona.

    I love their classic looks, craftsmanship etc.

    I love the stam's frame, and the look of the gold chain. I think I like the look of the stam more than the blake.. but I am not sure.

    I love the blake's suede interior and multiple compartments.

    I do not know much about the alyona short of a simple photo of it.

    Any thoughts?

  2. In my opinion -
    Stam is dramatic
    Blake is practical
    Alonya is a little bit of both

    and all are gorgeous. :smile:

    What qualities are important to you in a bag? Does it sound like I'm trying to fix you up on a date? LOL. But you know what I mean. I think each bag provides something different and fabulous, and it depends on how you plan to use them.

    For example for me, though I think the stams are gorgeous, I know I'm a more practical kind of girl and I need a bag with more pockets and zip closures that can sit on my shoulder for awhile that I would use frequently without changing bags, so the Blake works well for me.
  3. Of the three, I like the Alyona the best. It like it's shape (similar to the Hudson actually), the trademark padlock on the front of the bag and the fact that it has three sections inside (two that zip, one that's open). I also like the dual handles of the Alyona. It's also not quite as heavy as the Stam because the bag's not entirely quilted (the ends of the bag are soft calf).

    I don't know why, but I've never really been a fan of the Blake, altho I know it's one of the most popular "classic" styles. The Stam is stunning & a gorgeous bag, but I don't really think it's all that practical esp for every day use (I know there are many who disagree w/me, but that's just my opinion).

    If I had to choose one of the those three, I'd go with the Alyona.
  4. It depends on what you're using the bag for. I think the blake is a great all-around purse (work & weekend). I think the stam is a great weekend bag. I think the aloyna is good for work. I personally would choose the blake, because it's "classic" MJ with the padlock pockets.
  5. Go for the Stam. Heavy, but worth it.!!!!!:tup::tup:
  6. I think another major factor that you need to consider here is zipper vs. frame-kisslock. It really changes how you access the items in your bag. I love the Alyona but I decided to buy a Stam because I am just in love:heart: with the frame-kisslock aspect. Also the stam is a little more whimsical, those two things sold me on the Stam. I think the Alyona is like the Stam's more serious sister.:smile:
  7. I love all three but personally, I would choose the blake as your first MJ bag. It was my first and I absolutely loved it. I admit it's a bit heavy but I love the different compartments. Also, you can carry it on your shoulders or on the crook of your arm. It is absolutely beautiful! Whatever choice you make, MJ bags are definitely worth it! :tup:
  8. Tough choice! How do you like to hold your bags? On your shoulder or by your arm/hand? That would narrow your choice down a bit, as a stam is mostly a handheld bag, not really a shoulder(despite the chain strap). Blake can be worn on the shoulder, and Alyona I imagine could be both handheld or shoulder.
  9. I too am considering the alyona, but haven't seen it in person yet. Have you gotten a chance to try it to see if it fits on your shoulder? The stam is gorgeous, but I think the alyona is a more practical bag. Keep us updated with your decision!
  10. stam!
  11. I would choose the Blake, just because it is more like a traditional MJ bag. But they are all gorgeous - you can't go wrong with any of the 3.
  12. What did you decide on? I like them all!!
  13. Stam! I think the Stam and the Blake are more classic MJ looks than the Alyona. I have seen the Alyona IRL and was seriously tempted, but went w/the Stam in the end. The Alyona is a BIG bag - maybe even too big, IMO. And I love big bags!
  14. I've always thought the Blake was a tad boring. Too much like a doctor bag. I'd probably choose Alyona.
  15. stam...then alyona....then blake