Stam v's Baby Stam

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Do any of you own both of these bags? Do you have a picture of them side-by-side for comparison. I've tried on the Stam and know it's size, just wanting to know how the Baby looks next to it.

  2. I have both and there is a HUGE difference in size between the two. IMO, the baby is strictly a bag to hold a few necessities for going out, etc. It's not exactly miniature or anything but I can't fit my wallet inside as the top is not wide enough across (the measurements account for the bottom of the bag only, which, of course, is wider). Well, I can fit it, but it has to sit diagonally in the bag. I love the baby, but it's not a daytime/everyday bag for me.
  3. Thanks Daisy - do you have pics (preferably with them in the same shot) so I can get an idea of size. I'm useless when someone gives me measurements, I really have to see things.

    I just bought a baby stam off eBay (will post authenticity when I receive it). I thought the reg. stam was too big for me, so got this one (200 pounds). I was looking for a smallish bag to take out at night and I have to wait until the end of the year for my Chanel.
  4. I don't have any pics right now but I'll try to take some.

    I saw the auction and I think you got an authentic bag for a good price. Her pics weren't very good but I *think* you're safe. =)
  5. Thanks Daisy. She didn't even call it a Stam in her auction so I think it wouldn't have appeared in searches. I also bought her Balenciaga hobo. Her pictures were pretty bad so I suppose that worked in my favour!

    I'd love to see pics when you have them. Thanks again.
  6. hey daisy,

    i read on other MJ threads that u own 2 STAMS, black and bronze. what do u think of them? right now i am leaning more on the metallic bronze (dark gray? i dont know wut is the proper name for the color..) it a new color for 2006? i cant seem to find it on MJ website.


  7. I owned both sizes at one time. Let me see if I still have the pics....
  8. 0o0o, i've just such a soft spot of the BABY stam! its SO cute!!!
  9. Congrats on your new purchases Cal.
    Are you on a waiting list for your double flap Chanel?Where are you getting it from? I saw one at tFS today and I'm in absolute love!!
  10. Thanks Quirky,
    I'm going to Chanel in 2 weeks in Amsterdam to look at the different sizes (as they only have the one here). I'm very excited!!!! I'm still not 100% on the authenticity of the baby stam - will let you guys have a peek once I've gotten it!
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