Stam: taupe vs icy taupe??

  1. Hey girls,
    I was just wondering if anyone here could inform me on what the color difference in the icy vs regular taupe color is? I noticed the icy one has a bit more of a shine to it than the regular taupe? I have never seen these IRL before and am interested in purchasing one so any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Is one of them slighter darker than the other? Is any one of the colors more neutral than the other? Any preferences between the two? Any pictures comparing the two would be great! You guys are always such a great help!Thanks in advance ladies!:smile:
  2. Icy taupe is a bit more pebbly and shinier than taupe.
    Nappa taupe is matte and very smooth, like a baby's butt.
    Both are lined in burgundy suede and have antiqued hardware.

    If you're referring to the past season calf leather taupe, it is lighter and has fuschia suede lining. The leather also has a grain texture to it, and it is slightly shiny. This color has silver hardware I believe.

    I hope that helps!