Stam Stitching

  1. Hello :

    I have a Fall 2005 Icy Taupe Stam (which I'm OBSESSED with), and it is still in almost perfect shape. But, I just noticed today that a little bit of the stitching on the main side (not the side with the zipper) is coming up & a bit frayed, I'm not sure if this is because I hold this end against my body when commuting and it has been getting caught on my clothing, or what. Has anybody else had this happened, and is there anyway to bring it to a MJ store to get fixed?
  2. threads may get loose esp. if you use it fairly often. If you bought it @ NM or Saks they usually repair for free. If you bought it @ MJ boutique they also repair for free but if you didn't buy it there they charge for repairs.