Stam size question

  1. I have from last year the studded Bordeaux stam Iam assuming its the regular size. Going to stam shop this weekend how small is the small and for the $$$ get the regular size???

  2. Hey there.
    Yes, from what I remember, yours is regular size.
    Small is pretty darned small. As of right now, both sizes are the same price, so it just depends on which size you prefer.
    You tend to lean towards medium to larger bags. Get the regular size. ;)
  3. Wonder why they are the same price
  4. I haven't figured that out yet.
    It probably takes the same amount of work to make each one. It might be a little more difficult to make the smaller one. Who knows.
    I fully expect the full size to go up in price.
  5. I'm loving the black stam with silver at Nordies
  6. When will the fall colors be out
  7. They should pretty much be available.
    I know the light grey, bordeaux, black w/nickel, bluette, white are out.
    Boutiques have some dept stores don't have.

    The 2 in my avatar here are fall.
  8. fall colors at boutique
    fall 12.JPG
  9. Did you buy anything today, Annie? :graucho:
  10. I have the large black stam with the nickel hardware coming and going to richmond Saks on tues to see what they have. We are leaving for home to see my mom sat so quick shopping