Stam size question

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  1. Girls I am new to Marc Jacobs and want to get my first stam. Would the regular size be too big as I am only 5'1. Thanks for ur input.
  2. it depends on whether or not you like big bags, really. there are some members here who are pretty petite and they rock a Stam fine :heart:

    you should check the reference library cause i know some members have mod pics w/ their height
  3. It's all what you are comfortable with. Can you get to a store and try one on?
  4. my mother is about 5 ft and 90 lbs soaking wet. she rocks a stam hard. it looks great on her, and not at all too big.
  5. I am barely 5'4" and about a size 2.
    The Stam is by far my favorite style bag~
    I wish I could have a bunch of them!
    It is really not that big at least I think so. I say go for it.
    It is a classic you will enjoy for many years!
  6. yeah - try it on cause its really personal ... and make sure you're okay with the weight ... to me that was the greater issue and i had to sell mine as it was just too heavy (sob)
  7. I am very petite - only 5'2" but I love the Stam. I have multiple versions of the Stam. Also the newer stam is not as heavy as the older quilted calf. We can only provide info/suggestion/ideas but only you would know what is best for you.
    If you are too uncomfortable with the size of the regular stam perhaps try the Little Stam?
  8. The others are right. It really just depends on personal preference. :yes: I'm 5'4", and for me the Stam is too large. But I know lots of other similarly-sized and even shorter girls who look great with their Stams.
  9. I am 5'4 and a size 2 and I love the size of the regular stam! I also have a little stam that I wear at night to dinner or special occasions..IMO the little stam is more of an evening bag.
  10. In my opinion, because it is more of a satchel style, I think it would look fine. I am small-framed too and I don't think they look big. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!