Stam regret!

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  1. I know this is so silly but I'm feeling remorse over the lovely Spring '06 black Stam I got from eBay after a very kind TPFer helped me authenticate it. I paid $761 plus shipping and insurance, which seems to not be such a bad deal. It's in excellent condition.
    But then I saw that a '05 black Stam with burgundy lining from England (also authenticated) went for about half that a few days later! It was in worse condition, but it also had that nice slouchy look of the earlier Stams--mine is quite structured and the gold is so shiny. Will it "mellow" with age, I wonder (and hope)?
    Anyone else have bag regret they care to share? I feel guilty even expressing it but I know SOMEONE here will understand. ;)
  2. I wouldn't feel badly about your purchase. Yours seems to be in better condition, which is a biggie IMHO. The bags do get slouchier with wear. My Black Stam is much softer and relaxed than it was when I first bought it. I do not regret purchasing any of my Stams....I love them.
  3. i purchased a brand new stam about a month ago and it's getting pretty slouchy all ready. the more you use it, the more broken in the leather will get. as for the hardware that shouldn't tarnish with time and if it does, it probably won't look like the antique brass of the 05 stams. personally, i think the polished hardware looks nicer especially with the black.

    i didn't see the auction you're referring to, but if rorosity is right and your stam is in better condition, then you got a great price for it. the older stams had kisslock problems, which were fixed in later seasons plus yours is lighter in weight too. you should just enjoy it!
  4. I think the '05 black stam you were talking was sort of a freak thing. Anyone agree? There are SOOOOO many fake '05 black stams on eBay that chances are people didn't bid because they assumed it was fake (especially on eBay UK).
    You got a good deal on a HTF-discounted black quilted stam. Wear her well!
  5. Thanks so much, all of you. It so happens I wore her out today with a white and gold outfit and felt very happy to have the shiny glam hardware and interior to match! It's sort of more of a "neutral" this way, isn't it?
    Now to more important when and where will I be able to find the same bag in Topaz? ;)
  6. ^^ haha. thats a girl!

    congrats on your new bag and good luck with finding one in topaz!
  7. aww dont feel bad. if you love it then its okay. plus yours was in better condition. i know how you feel though. i thought i got a good deal on my first mj and then found it on ebay going for waay less.
  8. Uh oh, when I see the word "regret" on tPF i immediately cringe! But I also agree with the other posts and I think you got a great deal on the black stam! I wouldn't mind paying that much for one too, and that particular bag is next up on my wish list! Don't feel too bad about missing out on the stam that sold for $300-something. It was definitely a fluke! You should feel good knowing you got an authentic bag that is less faked than the '05 Stams! Your outfit sounds cute, too btw :drool:
  9. I also think that one was an absolute freak thing. It was possibly the only real Stam on Ebay UK at the time and it went for less than some of the fakes! I watched it but assumed loads of you would be bidding so I didn't bother.

    Ultimately, you don't know how much it would have gone up to if you had bid - KWIM?

    Enjoy your purchase, I'm sure she's beautiful.
  10. you got a great bag! there are so many people out there that would kill for a black stam, yet alone a real one from ebay! I think you'll grow to love her more each day. if not, there will be that icy black stam or an elusive topaz one with your name on it one day. but i really think that you'll like your spr 06 one better. you won't ever have to worry about the darn kisslock not staying closed!!!
  11. No regrets!!:nogood: I would LOVE to have a black Stam!!:love:
    Enjoy it!:tup:
  12. you gals are the greatest--you totally "get it"! :smile:
  13. I paid full price for my black Stam, so don't feel badly. I don't even regret that! It is one of my most-used and loved bags.

    The best thing to do after you buy a bag on E-bay......don't go searching for it and compare prices. You'll only torture yourself. You just have to know that you got a great deal on a bag you wanted. Enjoy it!!