STAM Question

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  1. Hey there,

    I bought a pre-loved stam several months ago, I don't have any pics and I felt happy with its authenticity. Recently, I saw a person Craigs list who posted a replica which is the same color as my bag (Navy Blue) it had all the MJ engravings and also the red suede interior that mine had.

    I know that I don't have any pics to show you guys but can someone confirm again what you need to check for in terms of authenticity (maybe something like the number of places with the MJ engravings)and also if the red suede (or just suede in general) interior was common on the STAM bags a few years back (I believe that it was but they don't make them like that anymore)

    Any advice that anyone can pass would be invaluable.

  2. stams with red suede linings were commonly faked. your stam was navy blue, you said? during this particular season, there was only one blue that i wouldn't describe as navy. it's very difficult to help you ascertain authenticity without pictures. you'll need to post some in the authentication thread above for a definitive answer.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I will try and get pics but in the meantime do you recall the type of blue? This is I guess more an electric blue than navy but were ALL the red suede interior's fakes?
  4. Yikes... electric blue sounds bad. Petrol was the only blue released with red suede lining, and it was more of a dark ocean blue with green undertones. Please post pics in the auth thread so we can help you determine its authenticity.
  5. Hey thithi,

    Thanks for the color description clearly my description of the color is OFF. I will definitely post pics once I fix my phone in the authenticity threads but I got this image off and this is definitely the color of my bag with a burgundy interior lining. Online its selling on this site at 1389 so I dont think its a replica.

    I will post mine once I get my phone fixed thanks for your help :smile:

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  6. meant to add with a burgundy suede interior!
  7. That bag is fake. :tdown:

    Please post ALL authenticity questions and future pictures of your bag in the Authenticate this Marc Jacobs thread. :yes: