Stam - Question on the internal lining

  1. I'm new to MJ and have never owned any of his bags but I saw a Stam (ivory or putty, I'm not sure) and fell in love with it. I also saw the patchwork Ines and thought that's a very charming bag too.

    So, for the past 24 hours, I've been doing some reserarch on this thread, drooling over all your beautiful bags and thinking why was it that I've never noticed MJ at all!

    Back to the purpose of my thread - both the Stam and Ines bags have textile linings, but I do see gorgeous red or blue linings in your Stams! Has MJ changed their linings and the newer bags are lined in textile, or am I missing something?

    Please enlighten me with your knowledge of these gorgeous bags.

  2. ^^
    Yup - newer stams have textile lining and not suede lining. I'm really new too so I hope someone more experienced in MJ chimes in - but I believe the putty stam is the only MJ to ever have had blue suede lining. The rest are a gorgeous burgundy/bordeaux suede. YUM!
  3. yes, the newer stmas do have the textile lining. NM San Antonio has a ton of stam bags, old and new, there is an ivory in the patchwork
  4. jadecee, xoStephxo - thank you for taking time on your comments.

    It's a shame that the new Stams don't come in the luxurious seude burgundy lining - but this did not stop me from acquiring my first Stam, an Ivory one! It's rather a hip and cool bag for me and I'm lovin' it so much. A pity that there isn't a stand-alone Marc Jacobs boutique in Singapore, but on the other hand, this might be a good thing for my pockets else I'll be tempted to buy more of his bags..... I think I'm now his huge fan!

    Hope to post pics of my Ivory Stam soon.
  5. When the Stams first came out in Fall 2005, they had the suede lining. I think the elusive navy and taupe colors had the burgundy suede lining; and the putty (and one other lighter color) had the blue suede lining. Now, we've seen it in the cream linen and a darker brown lining as well. Not sure what the Patchwork Stams look like on the inside.
  6. ^ the patchwork stams are lined in canvas too. i have an original fall 05 stam. as much as i love suede interior, it makes the bag A LOT heavier than the more recent stams. combined with the gold chain, the weight is probably the primary reason why they stopped making the stams with suede interior. the cream canvas lined stams are nice, but i would be worried that the inside would get dirty too quickly.
  7. Oh, ok, so that could be the reason but I never know that suedes are that much heavier???

    Yes, the Stam is heavy, but so's my Mulberry Roxanne..... in any case, I never mind the extra weight as long as I love the bags for its design! Talk about sacrificing for the sake of beauty!