Stam permanent?

  1. Is the Stam permanent or is it just seasonal? or like will it run for a few years? and what colours have been discontinued if any? thanks:smile:
  2. The original Stam (introduced in Fall 2005; considered/described as MJ's most popular bag since Stella) is not just seasonal, it's still being made. Like other MJ bags, several colors are chosen every season. Black is the only color that gets repeated over and over, other colors sometimes do come back.

    Heard that other Stam spinoffs such as E/W Stam and Stam Hobo (debuted in Fall 2006) won't be coming back.
  3. These are the colors that pop off my head right now, I need to confirm Resort 05 & Spring 06. Ladies, please correct if there's any mistake.

    Fall 05: Black, Ivory, Bordeaux, Petrol, Taupe, Violet, Pearl
    (1) Brass/antiqued hardware, slouchy icy or nappa leather, burgundy suede lining
    (2) Nappa Leather was exclusive to MJ stores?

    Resort 05: Putty, Black, Ivory,
    - Light gold shiny hardware, nappa leather, suede lining
    - lining: Black (burgundy), Black/Ivory (light tan), Putty (blue)
    - <???Resort05 or Spring06???>

    Spring 06: Black, Ivory, Camel, Bronze, Patent Leather (Blush, Chack, Cola),
    (1) light gold shiny hardware, structured calf leather, cream canvas lining
    (2) goat leather (patent) for Chalk, Blush, Cola

    Fall 06: Black, Cashew, Chestnut, Mouse, Whiskey,
    - Shiny gold hardware, structured calf leather, cream canvas lining

    Resort 06: Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond,

    Spring 07: Black, Ivory, Brown, Green (Turquoise), Blue (Cobalt), Natural (Camel/Beige),
  4. Bag Lover...whew...popped in your head??
    wow...are you a buyer or in a store. That is some memory. maggie
  5. thanks guys...I was hoping so...coz there's no MJ store in my country I'm hoping to get one next year...:yahoo: