Stam owners, how often do you use it?

  1. Just like to know if you use it everyday or just special occasions? I think I want one lol
  2. I have two, the satchel and the hobo. I get more use out of the hobo only because IMO it has more room and it's easy to get in and out of it quickly:yes:
  3. I have the mini stam and as much as I love it - I haven't used it too much cause its soooo small. I've only used it for quick shopping trips and as an evening bag.
  4. I think I use my stam pretty often. It all depends. I could not use it for weeks. Sometimes once or twice a week, or there are times I've used it for the whole week! In average, I would say once or twice every 2 weeks cause I like to rotate with my other bags.
  5. I don't use it as often as I's my first "real" bag so I always feel the need to baby it, even though she's quite resilient...I really should take her out more often...
  6. I usually will use it for a week or two at a time. I rotate with other bags, but I consider it everyday, not special occasion.
  7. i use it often, but i rotate a lot... not that i have a lot to rotate with.

    i consider it an everday bag.
  8. I do the same exact thing! I have the hobo that I use almost every day because it's really roomy and I like that I can wear it on my shoulder. But I just bought the satchel too but won't use that one as much.
  9. Not often at all!! The bag itself is just too heavy for me to carry around!!! :sad:
  10. I also have the Stam Hobo and it is a joy to get in and out of...I do wish there was a cell phone pocket. I'm always hitting the chain on something so I don't use it on a daily basis.
  11. I use mine alot. It's pretty much an everyday bag. I have other bags that I consider more special occasion. Once you get used to the weight you don't even feel it. Of couse my other eveyday bag is an oversized YSL mule FILLED!