Stam Owners..Help! :(

  1. So I took out my Stam after months of not using her, wanted to bring it out today and realised that the chain has spots on it, signs of tarnishing? It's very obvious around the clasp that says Marc Jacobs, it turned bronze? I can't capture it on a picture properly so I have no photos to show. :crybaby:

    Even the ring (that holds the handle) on the bag itself has little spots too. Is this only happening to mine? Or has anyone else experienced the same? Mine is an S/S06 Putty. I really baby her so I'm pretty upset now. What should I do? HELP!!
  2. Have you tried polishing it with a jewelry or microfiber cloth?
  3. I'm doing it now...But it's not really working...It's only slightly better. I even found some greenish spots on the chain!!!! OMGG
  4. Thank you Melly :smile:
  5. just a question.. is it normal for all stams to show those horizontal threads through the gathering at the top? thanks for any help!
  6. ^ Yup. If you questions regarding authenticity, please post pics in the Auth this thread sticky at the top of the MJ forum.
  7. hey thanks for answering :smile: i don't have a specific bag i need authenticated or anything. i was just wondering for future reference. i've seen some stams on here have the threads and some without, and i was really curious about it and why they were different.
  8. i get the feeling the ones with the threads are fakes :sad:
  9. not necessarily. there are authentic stams where the thread is visible between the gathering of the leather. all it means is that it was an older style stam. i have one from fall '05 and i can see the thread. i purchased the bag from the mj boutique, so i know for sure that it's not fake. the older style stams are the ones most commonly replicated, so as thithi said, it's best if pictures or auctions links are posted in the authenticate this thread before buying.
  10. thanks for that :smile: that really helps :smile: