stam owners! have picts?

  1. hey all, im new to the world of mj handbags, and wanted to know more about this bag that seems to dominate the threads? could you post some picts and help me out?:amuse: thanks :smile:
  2. Hi aarti ! Welcome to MJ world....It sure is a wonderful world :amuse: Wish I had more money :lol: Here is my Stam and my Blake (color Linen!)
    03.JPG 04.JPG Stam Blake.JPG Blake 1.JPG Blake 9.JPG
  3. Cilifene, so glad to see your pictures again. =) Loooove your Black Stam & Linen Blake! I should wear my Linen Blake today. ^_^
    I should start buying lottery so I might have a chance to have more funds for MJ stuffs. LOL.
  4. their beautiful!!
  5. is the chain heavy on your shoulder?
  6. Thanks! :smile: .... I use it without the chain :shame: the chain is 0,4 kilo - the bag alone is 1,0 kilo
  7. Hi bag.lover :biggrin: Yes! you do that lottery !! I do it.... must have more MJ :lol: