Stam or Ursula Bowler???


Stam or Ursula Bowler?

  1. Stam

  2. Ursula Bowler

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  1. I keep going back and forth on this one...what do you girls think???
  2. muhahahahah.. BOTH! :devil:

    just kidding! hopefully the MJ girls'll help you out - I'm unsure - but my initial leanings would be for the Stam..

    although I'm still wishing for one crazy December for you! :graucho:
  3. I love both but I prefer the bowler for some reason. Let us know what you decide!:yes:
  4. I am not a fan of the Stam shape so I would pick the Bowler!
  5. I love Ursula Bowler though I also wouldn't mind the Stam. If you like the the bowler, has the large ursula bowler in midnight blue for sale (25% off) just type in the coupon code. I just got 1 for myself today. Yaaay!!.
  6. Order of what I would like, most to least:
    Stam, small bowler, large bowler
  7. Would weigh be an issue for you? If the answer is no, then I vote for Stam (weighs a lot more than Bowler).

    Do you have a color in mind? The Quilted Ursula (patent) Bowlers are from Spring 2006, most colors have sold out. The Quilted Bowlers are still available though.
  8. i agree with thithi! :smile:
  9. Oh no, it's TIED!!! :Push:

    Thanks girls for all your votes and comments! :flowers: Here are some of my thoughts...

    I LOVE the shape of the Stam and the chain...but I do worry that it'll be too heavy for me. I've had moments of frustration with the heaviness of my Coach Daphne, and I have a feeling the Stam will be even heavier. If I got the Stam, I would want either the black or the ivory, but I believe the ivory's sold out?

    I also LOVE the quilted bowler...I actually ordered the large black from Bloomie's when they had that crazy additional 40% off sale, but due to technical difficulties my order got cancelled...*SIGH*. So now I can't bring myself to spend more than the $430 it would have cost me then to buy the bowler. My fingers are crossed for a crazy sale again in December! I also think the bowler in ivory is TDF...saw it on Selma Blair in another thread...gorgeous!! Is the ivory still available?

    Also, do you think that one of the bags is more classic MJ than the other? Which style has more staying power?

    Thanks again!!! Can't wait to get my very first MJ bag!!! :graucho:
  10. i vote for the stam! it is heavy, but it's gorgeous!
  11. um...i dont know what to tell you, because i have both.

    although, i think i would vote stam first, im sure im no help get one and then save up and get the other, they both have their own special traits and i dont htink they're comparable...
  12. I vote BOWLER.

    I have the patent Ursula bowler (large) and at first started to have second thoughts about it. Then after carrying it, I absolutely love it. However, if you will get sick of carrying a bag on your forearm without the option of slinging it over your shoulder, you might get frustrated with it.

    Side note story: I tried to get one through the wacky Bloomies sale too and my order was also canceled. I found one at Nordstroms and they price matched. However, it took over a month to get it and the delay was because they kept transfering the patent when the sale was for the matte black bowler. Ok, long story short, they gave me the patent because of all the trouble and waiting I went through and by that time, the matte was long gone anyway! I never had a patent bag but wow, I really like it!
  13. I would love to get both - I'm hoping for some great sales this December!!!
  14. bleeaptn, you are sooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. The original Stam (frame bag) is part of MJ's permanent Quilted line. Like Soft Calf Classics Collection (Blake, Venetia, Multipockets), styles from Quilted line get made every season in various colors -- Black is the only color that gets repeated season after season. Quilted line (debuted in Fall 05) hasn't been around as long as Soft Caft Classics, I'm not sure whether it'll last as long.

    Based on the upcoming look books that I have seen, only the original Stam and Little Stam will return. I don't think Stam Hobo, E/W Stam, and Bowler will be back for Resort 06 and Spring 07.

    Ivory Stam is making a comeback in Spring 2007.

    Ursula (patent line) Bowlers were only made for Spring 2006, regular Bowlers were made for Spring 06 and Fall 06. Ivory Bowler's from Spring 06.

    As for Bowler's pricing, NAP marked down Bronze and Cola (Ursula meaning Patent). Most departments stores only discounted Moss and Lobster, staple colors like Black (regular & Ursula), Ivory, Camel, Chalk (Ursula), Blush (U), Midnight (U) are still full price. I don't know whether Bloomies online made a mistake with that sale, Black Bowler is still full price at my local Bloomingdale's.

    Stam has more staying power since it's a permanent style, unless it gets discontinued in the near future.