Stam or Rocco

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Stam or Rocco

  1. Stam it!

  2. Rocco on!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi ladies.. I posted this on AW thread as well, and thought i should post here too.

    i know many of u are also love Alexander Wang bags and now I am stuck.

    I previously asked if i should get Rubik Nylon stam in purple or XL single in blue leather. Well, i went for the Rubik Nylon Black Stam which i purposely chose nylon over leather for a younger look..

    but yesterday when i saw the Black/Brass Rocco.. i thought it better fits how i usually dress; i only dress formal 1% of the year.

    But the stam is such a beauty on its own and it is a icon... but i gotten let one go... And there is the weight of the Rocco that can overpower...

    Please gimme yr advice!!



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  2. Hahaa, I like your poll options wording!

    I voted for the Stam. I like the Rocco, but I feel like the style of the Stam is much more enduring.
  3. i'm with bom here. the stam has withstood the test of time and hasn't disappeared like other styles from the it bag era (chloe paddington, anyone?). the rocco was amazing when i first saw it, but now it's tired and it's only been, what, a year? i normally wouldn't choose a nylon bag over a leather one, but longevity trumps material here for me. gl with your decision.
  4. I really feel weird going against Marc here, but i say Rocco. I own One and its suh a versatile everyday bag with that certain edge! If you have the one with the shoulder strap, the weight won't Be a Problem. I use mine everyday and i love it!
  5. Y'all will hate me, but I went with the Rocco, even though I parted with mine (like an idiot) I love the little stam but the large one has always struck me as a bit, well, large, and I don't have it in me to choose nylon over leather.
  6. If your choosing between the Rubiks stam and the Rocco, I say the Rocco, but if you're considering going for a leather stam, than I'd say stam

    I own both bags, and as much as I love my MJ stams, I ended up loving the AW Rocco A LOT more than I thought. The leather is amazing, its highly durable and you mentioned that when you saw it, you just really thought it fit your style.

    I don't think the Rocco is "yesterday" - he's still pumping out new colors and variations of the bag and it's just as popular now as it was when it first came out. Regardless of its popularity, it's a classic shape & style that a lot of designers are choosing to make, you just have the AW "twist" with the studs on the bottom.

    Aside from that, choosing between leather and nylon, I'd almost always say go with the leather (and AW is FANTASTIC leather!!)

    Now if you're considering upgrading to a leather stam, then I'd go with the MJ Stam. It's a classic style, highly durable and the stam is ageless - women of all ages can carry the bag, and it can be carried both dressed up and casually - the stam looks just as good with a Tshirt and jeans as it looks with a dress and high heels!
  7. I went with Rocco as well. Ill go hang my head in shame now.
  8. wait until you come into chat, and i run you over with my bike.
  9. stam!!!

  10. exactly what she said. If it was the classic black leather stam, I would pick stam easily!

    But if its btwn Rubiks, I'd say Rocco. The leather is amazing!
  11. I think we all know my thoughts on this choice. :smash:
    (and for those of you who don't ... :wtf: ... I will take a Stam over a bag with cleats any day of the year! I don't care if it's nylon or not!)
  12. i have had a stam since 2005. i love the thing to death: dressy or casual, day or doesn't matter, i use this bag a ton!

    recently because of the GILT sale, i decided to try the rocco, because the price was right, and i had been looking for a somewhat understated day to day bag. i got it and liked it a lot. it is heavier though, but comfortable to carry. one thing i didn;t like right off the bat was the cheesy lining, but i used it and loved it for a few weeks.. overall, the leather is pretty durable. did notice a slight matte-ifying (if that makes sense) of the corners though on the piping after a few weeks, which looked to me very similar to the wear the MBMJ natasha line, and other lambskin bags have shown.. I just didn't think it was going to last along the long run like my stam has. and so i sold mine.

    I also recently purchased a second stam, and I am VERY happy that i did. I think it's one of my favorite bag sizes and's taken a little getting used to as it has a safety catch on the kisslock, whereas my taupe one pops open with too much ease, but i love the stam. it's extremely versatile and classy and quality. i think AW are nice, but there are a few things to be desired still....

    so after all my gibberish, i say stam. hands down
  13. I knew the Rocco reminded me of something, I just could'nt put my finger on it! :P:lol: Stam any day of the year! Get the Stam!
  14. #14 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    I woudn't normally go for non-leather bag however between the Rocco and the Stam I would choose the Stam. The Rocco just doesn't have that classy elegant look . Sorry Rocco 's fans!

  15. Hahahahaaaa!
    I totally agree!!!