Stam or Muse

  1. I need a new bag:yes: ;) :rolleyes: lol IM wondering if I should get a Bronze stam or a Chocolate Muse. I would use this as an everyday bag. I like the Muse because it would hold paperwork..ect . But i have always wanted a Stam . I have a baby stam on the way ( I think) if my NM sale order goes thru:rolleyes: . Ladies let me know your opinions ! thanks
  2. BOTH! :yahoo:

    They're so different in feel and use!

    But if you really need it for paperwork, the Muse is the only option of the two, and since you already have a Little Stam on the way.....
  3. I can't say that I'm a fan of the muse because it doesn't seem very versatile to me as an everyday bag... but then again, neither is the stam. The baby stam on the other hand, that's much easier to use daily(not so much for paperwork though). Congrats on your new bag!
  4. Definitely Chocolate Muse, it's a gorgeous & classic bag!

    Bronze Stam would rub off over time.
  5. Yes im thinking the Muse will be a great classic bag , not trendy and never go out of fashion , well i hope not. I still dont have a stam though
  6. I would get the Chocolate Muse if you are looking for a functional and timeless bag. Good luck!!
  7. First of all congrats on your new little stam!

    I think you should probably go for the Muse. I've never personally liked them, but in terms of functionality, I think the Muse will be a better fit for you.

    Let us know what you decide to do...of course, if you can afford both, get both - that's the easiest answer, but it's never that easy, is it?

    Good luck!
  8. if weight is not an issue for you, i'd go for the stam. i'm a YSL fan but i think the stam looks more classic than the muse... =)

    however you won't be able to store your papers and stuff in the stam... so i think it's really an issue of whether this needs to be a work bag that you can carry your work stuff in ....
  9. Chocolate & Ivory are my favorite colors for Muse, Snow Leopard is TDF too. If you really want a Stam, I suggest going for non-metallic instead of F/W 06's Bronze; metallic bags don't hold up as well, they (spots that rub against your body) rub off after a while.

    If you are looking for a MJ + YSL Muse combination, you might like MJ's Hudson -- some of us here think that it looks like Muse. Shhhh....Don't tell Jill I said that though. =)

    Check out this thread for S/S 07 colors:
  10. STRIPING Hudson in Military with Rubino - $20 less than Oversized Muse =)

    (source: MJ_LA)
  11. ok so add another bag i want to my list! I dont think it would hold paperwork though , but I want it!!!
  12. i wouldn't get either. there have been way to many problems with the stitching breaking/fraying on the muses and the metalic stams are no good because they rub off VERY easily and then look like crap. i'd go for the YSL rive gauche bag. chic and will hold paperwork. even the hudson above has had it's fair share of problems.......
  13. Wow all these bags have issues ..hahaha , for over 1000 bucks I would be pissed .The hudson is looking very good , I havent heard anyone having problems before .
  14. i have heard that those little rings that are oval shaped( set into the maroon part in the above pic), that those front bands go through (black bands in that pic above), have come loose and off.
  15. agreed with thithi. the leopard muse or hobo is TO DIE FOR!! check it out!!

    i want it!! i love anything and everything leopard!! :love: