Stam Lovers! Please Help!!

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  1. I have never seen a Stam IRL, and am hoping you could help me understand a few things about them, as I don't have any MJ retailers anywhere around me (just MBMJ).

    I just ordered a green elastic stam from eluxury for $1015. Was that a good price, or could I have done better?

    Also, what makes the elastic version different/more expensive than the regular version? I was also eying the stam in Truffle. How would it be different than the green elastic? I can get it for about the same price ($1012), but can't afford to have both, so which one do you think is really worth the $1000?

    And are they really as heavy as I've been reading? Like do they weigh more than three pounds?

    I really appreciate your knowledge and opinions!
  2. $1000+ is a little high for a Quilted Elastic Stam, since we know they got marked down to $600+ at both Nordstroms & Barneys - finding one at that price, however, is another story. Most dept stores have been sold out for quite some time (someone found one for $400+ today at a Nordstrom Rack but I think those are few & far between!). Of course, you could probably find one on eBay for less - but if you're OK with that price & are excited, then it's a good price!

    The Quilted Elastic is exactly how it sounds - it's quilted leather w/elastic running through it. Here is a pic of my Quilted Elastic Mina bag, which IMO, is very similar to the Stam w/o the handles:


    I think the newer Stams weigh less than the original ones - esp the quilted elastic ones. They have a lighter weight lining that's made from a raincoat type of material. I've also heard that the chain strap is hollowed, but honestly, I don't notice that much of a difference between the chain on my Mina and the chain on my 1st season Baby Stam. They weigh more than 3 lbs - probably between 4-5.

    I think the jewel tones that MJ did last f/w are some of the best colors he's ever done - I think finding one this late in the game is lucky and I wouldn't trade it!
  3. ^^Thanks for your input! Unfortunately, I don't have a Nordstroms, Barneys or anything of the sort anywhere around me, so I have to search online, and I don't think the sales are as great as in the stores. But WOW, $600 is a GREAT price! Sorry I missed it!

    Is yours in the pic green? Does it have a metalic sheen to it? It's very pretty.
  4. yes - that's the Quilted Elastic Mina in Green - it's the exact same color/leather as the Quilted Elastic Stam. I guess it does have a slight metalic sheen to it, but it's not an official "metalic" bag - it's not like the bronze or silver or blush - which were all definite metalics. I think the Green, Plum and Navy have a very subtle sheen to it that gives it a 3-dimensional look. I really think you're gonna love it!

    p.s. FYI - Nordstroms, Barneys, Saks, NM (even the Nordstrom Rack) will do charge sends over the phone - If you call a Nordstroms store (anyone) and ask a SA to locate a specific bag for you, they'll ship to you. That way you can take advantage of the sale prices w/o ever having to set foot in the store!
  5. Okay, now I'm curious to get it! The pics on eLuxury looked different.

    I guess I need to pay more attention when TPFer's post their sale sightings!

    These are the pics from eluxury...
    p11518040_ph_detail_04.jpg p11518040_ph_detail_01.jpg
  6. excellent choice :tup: out of all the elastic stams i personally think the green one is the prettiest.

    the stam is a gorgeous bag, but i cant use it as an everyday bag. it is very nice for going out though, i always receive compliments on mine when i do. the reason i cant use it as an everyday bag is because the drop on the handles are too short making it uncomfortable on my shoulders, as for the weight i guess im used to carrying heavy bags so i dont really mind.
  7. I still don't get why the retail price for the elastics are about $400 more than the the classic stams? Anyone know?
  8. ^^ its probably harder to quilt, so maybe the labor cost is more :shrugs:
  9. hey there,
    i just posted modeling pics of my green stam on 'MJ post/list your bags' thread. let me know what you think! HTH you-
  10. BTW, the color on the elux site seems accurate.

  11. Ooh, Thank you! Your pics have made me want it even more, so I'm glad I ordered it!
  12. congrats on the purchase! be sure to post pics modelling yours when you receive her!
  13. Congrats on your new bag! The green looks amazing on the Stam. I hope you'll post pictures when it arrives! :flowers: