Stam, Little Stam or the Kid?

  1. I'm new to MJ, so I would appreciate any advice from you ladies. I may have everything all mixed up, so please help me clarify if I did.

    I've been wanting a stam for so long now,... since they first came out. But now, I need to decide, do I want a stam, little stam (no handles) or the kid?

    For some reason, I feel like the Kid looks different than the stam.... it looks a bit saggier... or the quilted pattern looks melted. Hard to explain. Is there a reason for this? I'm new to MJ so I don't know.

    Then I wonder is the Kid worth the extra $500? The only difference is size and the handles, right?

    I think I won't be getting a regular stam because I love that blue that came out (a la Lohan) but I'm sure thats long gone.... or am i wrong?

    Sigh. So many things to consider.
  2. Some of the kids you may have seen are from the Elastic quilted line. This line has a different type of quilting and comes in patent leather. It may explain the melted look that you're referring to. The kid also comes in regular quilted leather, but I'm not sure which colors. I know a member here recently bought hers in bronze/gold from Eluxury I think.

    The Petrol stam that Lindsay had is no longer available, the closest color now is the Blue from last spring. There's also Light Petrol available in Patchwork quilted this fall.

    It really does depend on the size of the bag - Personally, I'd like to have one of each!
  3. thanks thithi, you are right. the "melted" look is from the elastic quilted line.

    Is a legit place to get mj?

    does anyone know how the Little Stam compares in heaviness to the regular stam or the kid? I know that the stam is VERY heavy.
  4. yup - the pursestore is definitely legit.

    The stam is heavy, but the chain is removable and makes it considerably lighter. The baby stam is probably the lightest, but because of the chain strap, it can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. The Kid is probably in the middle for weight, but at least you can carry it with the handles. I think the stam and the kid are better for regular use whereas the baby stam strikes me more as an evening bag.
  5. I have a regular Stam and the "the Kid" in quilted calf (not elasticized leather) and I prefer the kid. The reg Stam in REALLY LARGE and heavy - its just way too bulky for me. The kid looks identical except its about 1/2 the size, only comes in a small assortment of colors right now and the handles can't fit over the shoulder. I get tons of compliments on it and the bronze color really goes with just about everything! Hope that helps :smile:
  6. I don't own any of them, but prefer the look of the regular stam just because I tend to carry a bit more and need the space. But I do like the kid too, something about the handles.
  7. I have the regular Stam and I think it's the best one. The features of the bag, such as the chain and quilting, just look better on larger bags to me. On something smaller, I think it has the tendency to look like too much on too small of a surface.
  8. ITA - I just got the 'little' stam. It is very lightweight - the chain doesn't bother me but can see how might bother some especially when you wear light clothing. I'm not going to use it every single day - it'll be great for dressier days/nights out/dinners/etc. The dimensions to me make it seem bigger than it actually is (13x9) - it's not tiny but it's definitely smaller than a typical bag with those dimensions because of the narrower entry & over all shape. The little stam still holds all my necessities. If you're looking for more of an every day bag I'd get the larger stam. Just for reference in size - my zip clutch will fit in my little stam however it's not easy to get it in & out of there! So if you want to use it daily & have a larger/longer wallet I'd get the full size stam.