Stam lining ??

  1. Hi

    I am confused ...some has suede lining and some dont ....can anyone explain it to me :blink: ..Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. It depends on what season it is. I know that the fall line has canvas lining. The past spring collection had suede. I think there was a thread about this a few days ago.
  3. :heart::heart: love the suede lining:heart::heart:
    feels soooo smooth and smeels soooo nice:love:
  4. Thanks ....I just saw a Bronze Stam on NAP with suede lining ...Could that be an old model?
  5. I agree !! but it weighs too :sad:
  6. you're right, suede = heavy
    canvas = not that heavy
    but overall, MJ bags are heavy:P
  7. Oh no! .. Not my Bowler :graucho:
  8. I don't think the lining contributes to the bag being any heavier than it already is. I have a canvas and suede lining that I don't see any difference in weight.
  9. Thanks! then I don't have to worrie about that :smile: I don't know if I like bronze or mouse, have not seen either irl :oh: ...Which color are yours?
  10. I have a baby Mousse and a regular Putty and I have a cashew on hold at Nordstrom.
  11. Ohh...a mouse!!... would you post a picture please? :yes:
  12. Cilifene, Bowler is not heavy because of its canvas lining & very little hardware -- even less than Blake. Stam is a lot heavier than Bolwer b/c of the chains & suede ining (older season ones).

    Cashew has very obvious contrast stitching -- something to consider. If you don't like this, don't get it. Attached is a picture of Cashew Stam (from
  13. i
    Thank you! :smile: ...Yes I know the hardware is heavy, I just bought a linen Blake ;) Cashew is very beautiful, but I think I would like a darker one. Bronze or mouse ....
    Would you say that Stam is more heavy than Blake?
  14. Cilifene, no probs. =)
    Stam is really heavier than Blake unless you remove the chains. =) I recently saw Black, Cashew, Camel, and Bronze in person. Mouse is described as this season's Taupe. I'm guessing that Mouse is a more tone-down color than Bronze (a little bit shiny & metallic looking)? Are you into this? =)
  15. Do you think it weighs like Blake when the chain is removed?
    I'm not sure I like the shiny .... I would like to see both, but the store here i Copenhagen only gets black, cashew and mouse....