Stam lining

  1. I just want to be sure: the new f/w bags 2006 has canvas lining?

    I noticed on NAP that the sold out black Stam had suede lining and the not sold out black has beige lining? Can someone tell me if I have misunderstood something?

    Thanks :shame:

  2. They obviously had a return of an old bag (the sold out/suede one). The new ones (with the new price!) have the canvas.
  3. Thanks Daisy. I just ordered a black one, but prefer the suede I have to say. I hope its nice without the suede :smile:

  4. Hanne, congrats! =)
    Stam's lighter without suede lining. =)
  5. Congrats!!! Tillykke!! ;)
  6. And thats a good thing right? :graucho:
  7. The canvas is actually kind of nice. It's not AS nice as the suede but my Amanda satchel has the canvas and it is *feather* light. It's lighter than the Stam to begin with but I'm thinking the canvas does make a difference.

    Congrats on your new bag--it's my fave!
  8. Thanks Daisy. You girls are so helpful and sweet - really appreciate it! I am glad to hear the canvas is okay, since I find the canvas in the Paddingtons to be a little dull.

    Its a good thing that the bag is light though, cant wait to get it. I dont have any black bags right now, so I really need it *LOL* The hunt for a Putty continues though... love that color.

  9. Aw, no problem. =)

    I wouldn't say the bag is *light* but the canvas does help and the MJ canvas is a little nicer than the Chloe canvas IMO. I had the Bronze Stam with the canvas lining (I returned it, *cries*) and it was just a tad lighter than my old Stam. Hopefully it won't be too bad for you.

    Good luck finding Putty! I wish he mad ethe E/W Stam in Putty, that would be my pick. Normally I don't like the lighter colored Stams but I do like that one. =)
  10. Congrats on your new Stam! Personally, I prefer any lining other than suede. I find that it's too hard to care for. I have a limited edition Stella that has suede and it's heavy, and I don't use it as much because I am afraid of staining it. I now go out of my way to buy MJ bags that have a canvas lining. Although the suede is more luxurious, I personally prefer the canvas.
  11. I'm sure Hanne will have no problem with Stam's weigh. =) If you have carried Paddington Satchel, Stam should be managable. Paddy's a bit lighter than Stam unless the chains are removed. =)