Stam leather question - PLEASE HELP

  1. Hi. I'm thinking about buying a Spring 06 black stam, when they had cream canvas lining. Can someone please tell me how that leather differs from more current leather? (I know about the original icey, but I'm curious if it changed again after Spring 06). Thanks so much.
  2. ^ Most stores are selling the remaining Black Stams from Fall 2006, they are waiting for Resort 2006 Stams. Spring & Fall 06 Black Stams are made of structured calf leather. Stams also came in goat/patent leather (Cola, Blush, Chalk) in Spring 2006.
  3. this is a spring 06 calf on ebay from personalshoppers - how is that different from fall 06? isn't the leather more matte in the newer ones, with slightly lighter stitching?

    wouldn't the newer spring ones be spring 07?
  4. I had a spring 2006 black Stam which I purchased in Feb. 06, right when it was released. At that time the Stam still had suede lining (creamy light tan) and the leather was calfskin. My bag looked and felt different than the current Stam releases. The leather on my bag was very smooth, soft and supple and the quilting seemed a bit "puffier" than on the newer bags. The leather on the fall Stams is more textured and rough feeling and IMO the quilting is not as nice. Plus the hardware on the newer bags is a brighter shade of gold.

    I think I remember seeing a next-generation Stam with the smooth calfskin and canvas interior, but I'm not positive. Does anyone have one? The leather from early spring 06 definitely feels different from the fall edition...
  5. There were many confusions on the season & year of certain Stams. You can find out the exact year/season of all MJ bags (2004 & after) by looking at the style number on original MJ tag.

    For example, a Resort 2006 item has style number is C363xxx.

    C --> C for Collection (Marc Jacobs), M for Marc (Marc by Marc Jacobs)
    3 --> 3 for Bags?
    6 --> YEAR (last number in 200x)
    3 --> SEASON (1-Spring, 2-Fall, 3-Resort)
    x --> STYLE NUMBER (unique) - last 3 numbers
    x --> same as above
    x --> same as above
  6. There are 3 releases every year:
    Spring (often referred to as Spring/Summer)
    Fall (often referred to as Fall/Winter)
    Resort (also known as Cruise)

    Stores are receiving Resort 2006 items now.
    Spring 2007 items won't arrive hit stores until next year.
  7. Valerieb, would you please post or PM me the style number on your tag? I always wonder about Resort 05 and Spring 06 Stams. Thanks. =)
  8. this is supposedly spring 06. It's a mini, on ebay from personalshoppers. I'm thinking of getting it.
  9. If you are set on Spring 06 Little Stam, you can ask PersonalShoppers for the style number on the tag. If it starts with C361xxx, then it's from Spring 06. If it is C362xxx, then it's from Fall 06.
  10. During Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale in July 06, many members bought Black and Oatmeal styles which were brought in especially for this event. The styles in Oatmeal are from Spring 2004 (C341xxx). If I remember correctly, those Black styles are from Resort 2005 (C353xxx).
  11. The style number on my Stam (which I regrettably sold) was:

    As for the bag Personal Shoppers is selling, I'm not sure there actually was a Baby Stam for spring. I was very interested in this style (since regular Stam was too big/heavy) and I'm pretty sure I had to wait until fall before they came in.

    P.S. Style number was the same for my spring '06 Putty Stam (also sold).
  12. thanks, guys. so, whichever it is, then, has/did the leather change from what I can buy online retail now?
  13. does this help?
    9sm.jpg 2.jpg
  14. Nope, you would need the actual style number on MJ's paper tag. I used to think that those serial numbers inside the pocket contain the year/season of a bag as well, but I confirmed that they aren't. For example, Spring 06's Putty Stam has a white tag with R05xxx -- that's why I once thought that Putty Stams were from Resort 05.
  15. well, while I wait for the answer on the tag, let me ask this: assuming it's spring 06, how does that leather compare to what's available at say, or in stores now? And assuming it's fall 05, same question. I'm sorry to be such a pest!