stam leather protection =)

  1. ah, my first post!

    i recently purchased a putty stam from a fellow TPFer and everything looks good and i want to keep it that way =)

    i have read about appleguarde? etc leather protectors, and here in good old rainy vancouver it rains like a *bleep*! any suggestions on where i would be able to find some leather guard products in vancouver, gals and guys? i'm contemplating just not using it when it rains but thats 80% of the time here....

    and anyone have storage advice, is keeping it in the dustbag enough, cuz vancouver isnt that humid i don't think...

    TIA! =)))
  2. I use appleguard and order it online...they also have a water repellant type product-I haven't used that before though just the conditioner...
    I am in Missouri and we have humidity out the xxx and mine store just fine in the dustbags...
    Congrats on your purchase!
  3. i use the applegarde leather conditioning treatment and the protectant spray. if you do a search on tpf you'll find lots of threads on this.
  4. i dont know if there are any burlington coat factories up there in canada, but another tpf'er once told i could buy appleguard there. goodluck :smile:
  5. thanks for all the info =) i did do a search and much info did come up =P

    i shall baby my stam.. :heart:

    o the love! :love:
  6. :tup::heart: