Stam kisslock being hard to open.....

  1. I just bought a Stam today :love: ...But the kisslock is so hard to open. Do any of you know if it will be more easy to open over time???

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I assume that it will get easier over time. What color did you get? And, congrats!!! You're going to LOVE it!
  3. Hi SuLi :biggrin:

    Thank you ....I got a black :smile: .... I hope it will :smile:
  4. congrats on your black stam. It is a gorgeous bag. Enjoy it!
  5. Thanks! :biggrin:
  6. Love It!!! Gorgeous! And Envious!
  7. Cilifene, congrats on another beautiful bag! Love Black Stam, it's just gorgeous! =)

  8. Thanks a lot :smile:
  9. Thanks bag.lover :smile: I guess you are to blaime for my new addiction called MARC JACOBS !!! :lol: :roflmfao:
    I am so happy with my linen Blake ...the color you told me about..thanks! :flowers:
    I have been to the store with Stam another one with a better kisslock I can't waite to try it :love:
  10. Guilty as charged! =) The suede lining is no longer blue for this season's Linen Blake, it's Brown now. I prefer ours. =)

    Cilifene, would you post some pictures of your updated collection so we can drool over them? =) Hope the exchanged Stam works out better for you...

  11. I noticed this too I thought it was just me
  12. They are very different in the kisslock! the SA could not even open the bag :sad: The one I have now is very fine :smile:
  13. Oh no! Brown lining ...I prefer ours too' so pretty the blue suede :love: Blake really is a lovely bag....

    I had to sell the Bowler, when I bought Stam. They are both black and quilted ;)
    The time is 6.25 am in Denmark ...have to go to work. I will post pictures later today....
  14. Cilifene,

    I love blue Suede lining inside off-white bag, this color contrast is just so nice! This season's bags (the ones I saw IRL) have neutral suede linings (brown, grey, tan, cream?) which don't stand out as much as brighter colors.

    In terms of handbag-weigh, I think you handle it very well by introducing a heavier bag slowly: Bowler -> Blake -> Stam. =) Your shoulders and arms have more time to adjust. LOL!!!

    Agree with you, I would choose Black Stam over Non-Patent Black Bowler (too matte for me). This season's Black Stam has some sheen to it -- I like it! You can get Bowler in another color sometimes in the future? I know...I know...Guilty again! =)

    Have a good day at work. =)

  15. Hello Guilty! :lol: ...I've had a nice day at work ..Thanks! :biggrin:
    I'm awfull to do pictures ...sorry!
    Yes my arms and shoulders are getting stronger and bigger every day :lol:

    LV Batignolles 0,4 kilo
    Mulberry Rosemerry 0,8 kilo
    Hermes Birkin 1,0 kilo
    Blake 1,3 kilo
    Stam alone ;) 1,1 kilo ...the chain 0,4 kilo
    01.JPG 02.JPG 03.JPG 04.JPG