Stam Issue. I need your help!

  1. I purchased the taupe stam back in the summer from NM. It is from '05 collection and have never carried it until Monday. I had heard about the kisslock issue but did not realize my bag would have the same problem:sad: . I spoke with my SA and she is going to send a carrier to pick it up and return it. In place of this bag which one should I get. Black stam that bag.lover described at bloomies, chestnut or the other neutral color ( I forgot the color :Push: ). Any recommendations. I am so disappointed. Yesterday was my bday and I was so excited about carrying my bag.

    I have also been considering the elise, not sure which color thou.:shrugs: :confused1:

    I need you PF MJ experts!
  2. Aww that stinks janice... If you love the stam, i would just get one from the '06 collection. I was just at Saks and the kisslock seemed indestructable.

    Good Luck!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
  3. Janice, happy belated birthday.
    I like Resort 06's Black Stam that I saw at Bloomingdale's yesterday.

    Spring 06 Stams (dark brown canvas lining): Black, White Chiffon, Almond, Topaz, Saddle Brown
    Fall 06 Stams (cream canvas lining): Black, Cashew, Mouse, Chestnut, Whiskey, Camel

    Fall 06's Mouse is described by some as new Taupe with grey undertone, some think that it looks like a pile of mud. It's a hit or miss color depending on who you ask.
  4. Take a look at this season's Elise in White Chiffon & Black. =)
    White Elise is a soft color, it looks very nice on feminine styles like Elise.


  5. That's a tough one... it must be hard to give up that beautiful suede interior! IMO, I'm not a fan of the brown canvas... and unfortunately the fall black stam's leather isn't the best I've seen. You should try to stop by NM and see what they have available and check out the colors. I'm sure you'll find one that will catch your eye. Good luck, and happy belated birthday!
  6. ^ Spring 2007 Stams will have canvas lining as well. Maybe, it's no longer fair & reasonable to compare recent Stams (Fall 06, Resort 06) with those discontinued leathers from Fall 05 - Spring 06. How many people can find a brand new and authentic Stam from those seasons nowadays? Ebay is flooded with fakes of Fall 05 Stams. Who knows when suede lining and nappa/icy leather will return (if ever) on quilted styles?

    It's all a personal preference. There are some who like this new texturized leather which gives Stam a more structured shape. Brown cavas lining (very thick) is not so bad in real life at all, it's easier to keep clean than cream canvas lining.

  7. I just got a Spring 2006 STAM bag. The bag is cream, the interior in canvas mustard color. Is that an original color? Also, the inside zipper says riri M4 and the outside zipper says lampo but there is not lightening bolt... HELP
  8. ^ We are asked to post authenticating questions in Authenticate This MJ thread. We will help you there.
  9. Since I had to send my stam back. I need your advice. Would you get a new stam or an elise?
  10. I would get the elise. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the stam. However I have a problem with not only the canvas interior, but also the texture of the new leather compared to the older leathers.

  11. That was a concern for me. Thanks this helps. Any suggestions on color in the neutral family.
  12. I would say black or maybe white chiffon.
  13. I agree with elongreach, go for the Elise if you don't have one yet. It seems to be a very versatile day and night bag. I think it's great in any color.
  14. So far, I have only seen Elise in Black & White Chiffon (Topaz & Almond Elises aren't in stores yet). I really like Elise in patent leather so I find this season's Black Elise a bit flat. If you are okay with light color, White Chiffon is very nice. The color is so soft, it works really well on this feminine style.
  15. They are both nice in their own way. Elise is purely elegant, it lacks the funky vibe of Stam (chain). You should try both of them on, go with the style you love. =)