Stam Is So Heavy!

  1. Does anyone else have this problem? My MJ stam is so heavy sometimes and its not even full of stuff! It drives me crazy, especially when Im shopping and have extra 'shopping bags' to carry!
  2. Try carrying it on your shoulder by the handles or the chain. it really helps.
  3. maybe its the wrong bag to take shopping
  4. makes me feel like i dont have to go to the gym!
  5. This was one reason why I returned my Stam!
  6. Does yours have suede lining?
  7. I know what you mean--I got one for my niece and she's ok with the whole "if it's stylish, it's worth some discomfort" idea. At my age, I'm carrying lighter bags. I've read that they really hold up great, tho, so maybe that's the plus side of heavy/thick leather?
  8. yes.....but i will follow the if its stylish, its worth the discomfort motto :yes:
  9. High quality leather is really heavy, maybe it´ll be easier to carry if You think that it´s the quality that makes it so heavy!! :smile: Enjoy Your super-high quality bag!
  10. take the chain off when you go shopping
  11. I have the stam and it is heavy, especially if you decide to wear the chain too. That's why I usually just carry it when I know I'm not gonna be carrying alot of stuff with me and I only put my wallet and cell.

    Oh, I totally agree with your motto too. Fashion and comfortable don't really mix well together :lol:.
  12. for a long time i used to carry custom made leather bags made of the same kind of leather they use for old fashioned boots, and with solid real brass hardwares. these bags looks like they came from the 19th century and since i am a vintage lover i love every minute of carrying them, especially since strangers would come up to me in europe and new york asking me where i bought my bag from. but, bags like these are HEAVY. and they wont look the same if they had been made using other type of leather, which sadly, this particular bag maker eventually did (and went out of business soon after...). it certainly made the bags lighter, but the whole look was effected. i think this is the case with newer season stams. i personally like the more structured look and thankful for the reduction in weight, but looking at them, the the older seasons stams definitely have a bit more "kick" to it... i personally would prefer to pay more to retain some of the old features. but now it looks like i have to pay more AND accept eliminations of good old features... :sad:
  13. Hmmmmmmmm...maybe this isn't the bag for me after all...?
  14. Will the Stam become lighter in 2007? I hope so.
  15. yeah i hear you, the stam is heavy. I love the way it looks and i just tried it out again in the store this weekend because i love the way it looks!! I put in my basic items like my cell, wallet, keys, lipstick, mints, tissue in the bag to re-test the bag and see if i would feel differently about it now but i still feel it's sooo heavy!! sigh. so no stam for me.

    but i think taking out the chain would help a bit with the weight and if you can, just put your keys, credit card and cell =)

    i think the bag is ok if you're getting out of the car and walking to some place close by to get stuff done but if you're walking around alot (like NYC), doesn't seem like a great idea.

    But yes i agree that sometimes looking great requires some pain but my pain threshold decreases every year... :Push: