Stam - inventory update

  1. Not sure if anyone is still looking for a Stam - the NM in Palo Alto has black, metallic bronze, and a taupe-ish (?) color. I also saw a new style that I have not seen before - similar to a LV speedy with a quilted leather and 2 zip pockets on the outside. It came in a really unique greenish-blue color. Very pretty!! :rolleyes:
  2. ^^I think I saw that "new" bag in a photo of Hillary Swank with Mariska Hargittay (sp?)... Do you remember how much that bag was?
  3. Wicked - I think it was $895? $995? It was definitely under $1000. It was such a pretty color, I "almost" made an impulse purchase! Do you know the name of the bag?
  4. ^^I don't think it has a name... I saw a photo of it in a magazine and then in a recent US magazine or something with Hillary Swank...
  5. Ooh, that one is really cute!
  6. I almost bought Hilary's bag last weekend. Love it!!!
  7. Yup, that's the one!
  8. Nordstrom in West Los Angeles (Westside Pavillion) had two there earlier today, one in black and one in bronze.
  9. Doh! double post.
  10. NM in San Diego has bronze, black, ivory, and tan/cashew in stock as of tonight. Their number is 619.692.9100. Ask for Debra or Jason.
  11. The two outside zipper pocket design is called the E/W Stam and is from his Fall 2006 line.
  12. ^^That's the "mystery" MJ bag that Hillary Swank is carrying in the photo of her and Mariska Hargitay.

    The E/W Stam is very similar, but has TWO vertical zippers and I think the handle is much shorter. And you get the gold chain shoulder strap. I think it's a shorter bag too.
  13. the "hilary swank" bag is just called the quilted satchel its actually from the resort collection it was also available with chain handles.