Stam in Stock!

  1. If anyone's looking for a Stam... My local NM had the following colors in stock:

    1) Black
    2) Cashew/Tan
    3) Bronze
    4) Ivory

    They were all regular leather, not patent. I don't know what the lining of the bags were... Give them a call first thing in the am if you want one! Ask for Debra--she's nice. The number is 800-200-0522
  2. There was a black with suede (S/06) at my NM (Houston) today and a couple of ivorys. That's the first time I've seen the ivory in person... I like!
  3. Stams in NM Las Vegas - Fashion Show MALL
  4. Black Stam ($1275) and Black Quilted Venetia ($1200, suede lining) are available at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa California). This location received 6 Stams today, there's only 2 left (3 were sold & 1 is on hold for a client).

    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza: 714.957.3604 (ask for Marty)