Stam Hobo

  1. I took the plunge and ordered a black one today. First I went to Nordstrom and tried the East/West, the kisslock stam and the hobo. I love big bags so I went with the hobo and was scared off about kisslock problems. Anyone else getting the hobo?
  2. I am thinking about it. I like the stam, but was really wanting a Taupe. I am thinking Mouse or whatever might be close enough? Maybe I'll wait to see pics of yours! :flowers:
  3. Congrats! It's a cute bag IRL.
  4. Coldplaylover: Congrats on Stam Hobo! =)
    Sorry for being late as I'm behind on the postings...
  5. Congrats! That is a gorgeous bag
  6. Please post pictures!!!
  7. i just ordered a taupe hobo from NAP... do you think it's too large? i hope it's lighter than the stam...
  8. I love the bag. My mom has it on her wish list and i will most likely get it for her very soon. (of course its for me too:yes:
  9. ^ oh, that is very nice of you! Can't wait to see pics of these lovely bags!
  10. Have you gotten the bag yet??? Can't wait to see your pics!
  11. Does any one have a photo of this? I havent seen it yet.
  12. I am so lazy with the camera but I will try and get pics up very soon!