Stam Hobo

  1. My Stam Hobo in Mouse was delivered today and I couldn't be happier...until one of the grommets at the top of the bag (there are 2 right below where the handle base meets the bag) got loose somehow and feel off! Devistated!!! I don't like by any MJ Boutiques and I am tempted to just fix it myself (inspired by other DYI stories I have seen on TPF) but I can't find the grommet. Does anyone know if a MJ boutique will just send me a grommet in the mail if I call them?:crybaby:
  2. ^ I believe so, contact them and ask them if they can. Otherwise, if you go thru the website, they can repair the bag for you free of charge. Good luck!
  3. Oh sorry to hear that.Congrats on your Stam and I hope you get it fixed asap so you can enjoy it!